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GO GO GUYS!! we will make it ^^ VOTE for #DELENA link Posted over a year ago
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Sorry To Bother you But You Are A Member Of The Vampire Diaries RolePlay Spot, And For The Past Few Weeks I have Forgotten about it Long story... But I have Now Given It a Makeover and There Are Now New Rules and All of the Roles Are Now Available, You can sign up for A Role, by visiting the spot and going into forums click on sign up for a role (NEW) and write down in the comments who you would like to roleplay as if you would like to make up a new character to roleplay as you can message me! Posted over a year ago
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Im doing good,thanks for asking,what about you? Posted over a year ago
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Just got my die-hard! So happy!! Posted over a year ago
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Just got my dedicated medal!! Posted over a year ago
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