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Please read if you are a Biggest Loser fan!

Opinion posted over a year ago
Please join the new spot: The Biggest Loser Couples Australia. It has everything from the Biggest Loser Couples (Season Four and the upcoming Season Five).

If you have never watched a Biggest Loser Australia episode in your life - I guarantee it is soo much better and more exciting than the American and definitely the UK versions. Go to Youtube and you can watch every single episode from the Biggest Loser Australia from the beginning of Season One.

And Australians, don't forget to watch the Biggest Loser Season Five from 6.30pm January 31st on Channel 10.

Best Abby & Ziva Conversation Ever!

Article posted over a year ago
Abby and Ziva.
From Season 7 Episode 2 - Reunion.

Ziva: Hello Abby.
Abby: (turns music off and glares at Ziva) What the hell is wrong with you? How could you have doubted Tony, after everything you guys have been through together? You really think Tony killed Rivkin because he was ‘jealous’?!
Ziva: Abby, please calm do-
Abby: You weren’t thinking! That’s right, you weren’t thinking! Although… I suppose I could understand your initial reaction… you were in an emotional time for you and people act rashly - but to tell Gibbs you...

Reasons Why We Love Ziva David!

Opinion posted over a year ago
1. She has super ninja skills!

2. She is totally in love with Tony but never has admitted it. Yet.

3. She WAS jealous of Jeanne and Tony and was so worried about him in the first episode of Season Five when she believed he was dead.

4. She is now a real NCIS Special Agent!

5. She has developed close friendships with everyone on the team in a different way.

6. Despite being a born killer/assassin, Ziva really does have a heart.

11 Reasons Why We Love Rachel Berry.

Opinion posted over a year ago
1. She knows what she wants. She has hopes and dreams and won't stop until they come true.

2. She's completely obsessed and in love with Finn.

3. She's different and that's great.

4. Her fashion sense may be at times dorky, but she is so unique that no one really takes that much notice anyway.

5. Her talent outshines everyone elses.

6. Of course, she's really really pretty.

7. She has become a better person throughout Season 1, she isn't as selfish, she gives solos to people who want them and she cares...