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The Mark of Athena (my story)

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Jason 1
Jason was nervous before he even got off the boat. He knew that Leo, Piper, and
Annabeth were nervous, especially Annabeth. Jason wondered how Annabeth lasted 8
months of separation from her boyfriend. Jason wondered what Reyna was feeling
as she saw the Greek trireme fly towards New Rome. He knew that Juno was holding
back some of his more dangerous memories in fear of her plan collapsing, but he
remembered most of life now. Jason looked over at Leo and Piper. He sympathized

The Mark of Athena: End of PERCABETH?!

Opinion posted over a year ago
I've been pondering on these terrible quotes from The Son of Neptune ... then I wrote a fic about my theories.

“You’ll feel pain, misery, and loss beyond anything you’ve ever known.” –June/Juno

“You will be my pawn. You will be the key to the gods’ defeat.” –Gaea p.153

“Such a valuable pawn. Do not fear, Percy Jackson. Come North! Your friends will die, yes. But I will preserve you for now. I have great plans for you.” –Gaea p.265


My version of HoO The Mark of Athena

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Chapter 1 - Percy

The message that the Greeks were coming, in numbers and in a large warship spread like wildfire. Within minutes every demigod of every cohort was summoned to the edge of Camp Jupiter’s boundaries, the Lares, Amazonians, and even a small crowd of veterans gathered behind them and at a distance.

The Little Tiber flowed by not ten feet from where Percy now stood. The authority which he now possessed, he used to get the cohorts in line and, with help from Reyna, some 200 demigods now stood as if they were being inspected. Weapons were gleaming...