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Thanks for the add. Posted over a year ago
Thanks for the add.:] Posted over a year ago
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Hi , How are you doing? Posted over a year ago
NewAkmal commented…
I'm cool XD over a year ago
PrincessDawn commented…
I was too busy with school and stuff that I could'nt get the time to come online, and when I finally got out some time I saw that they have upgraded fanpop! What do you think about fanpop's new look? over a year ago
PrincessDawn commented…
I know its recent . I miss the old look but I wonder why they suddenly thought about changing its look, like all of a sudden you pop in and see its totally different! over a year ago
PKdreamergirl said …
Thanks for the add! Posted over a year ago
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welcome XD over a year ago
NewAkmal said about Pokémon
Lol, I haven't been watching the anime for 3 months I think. It's getting boring. I don't even care about what's going on anymore. Posted over a year ago
NewAkmal said about Spider-Man
NewAkmal said about Tigress
You guys do know that there's ALREADY a Tigress fan club, right?
Posted over a year ago
NewAkmal said about Spider-Man
Pfff, so much hate for the new movie coming from people who don't even know anything about the true Spider-Man. I didn't mind the first two movies but the third was absolute garbage (IMO). The new movie seems to be more accurate to the comics, and judging from the second trailer / international trailers, it looks really good. Most people these days all think they're true spiderman fans just because they support only Tobey as Spidey......... Posted over a year ago
NewAkmal commented…
Fact is, Tobey is NO spidey from the comics in my opinion......There are like FAR better choice than either Tobey or Andrew. Although, I do think Andrew looks up to the role. over a year ago
Tamar20 commented…
People have different opinions. over a year ago
ShadowYJ commented…
^true! over a year ago
NewAkmal said …
Whaddup people, sorry I won't be on fanpop much. My exams are coming................ Posted over a year ago
anniewannie commented…
Awwwww.............. :) Well I wish you luck in them and I hope you pass too!! :) over a year ago
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A star has 5 ends. A square has 4 ends. A triangle has 3 ends. A line has 2 ends. But the circle of our friendship has no end.
Send this to all your best friends including me , if ...............I am one! if you get 5 back , you are a good friend. If you get 10 , you are popular. If you get 15 back, damn I'm jealous! Posted over a year ago