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Friendship Over an Air Guitar

Opinion posted over a year ago
[i] A little girl walked around the open playground, her solid brown eyes looking at the ground, sun shining on her straight auburn hair. It was her first day of Second Grade at a new school, and she didn’t know anyone there. She much rather liked walking around and looking at all the little bugs and twigs and other stuff she could find, though, instead of playing Tag, or swinging, or making necklaces out of dandelions.

As she stooped down beside the tire house to poke at a little colony of ants, she heard a humming noise. She looked up and saw a little boy about her age,...

Better Than That

Opinion posted over a year ago
I’m sick and tired of it all
Run five laps, climb that wall
Ace that test, be happy everyday
25min. class lesson: due in two days

What’s wrong with you, Jordan?
Where are those ‘A’s you were sporting?
Oh no, you have a B, that just won’t do
Let me prod you some more, ask some questions too

“You seem to be slipping.”
"Get to the front of the race!”
You’ll never get finished
At THAT jogging pace

[b]Yoo-hoo, girl, get your head in the game!

Boom Boom Clap

Opinion posted over a year ago
Boom boom clap
Bounce your head, snap
To the classic, to the rap

Step ball change
Basic with a buck
Pleay, tour jete
Bounce your head to the rock

One two three,
Two two three,
Count along with your head
Mosh with the beat

Hop shuffle hop back
Twirl your arms, bend your back
Do the thingamajiggie
Wear out your taps

Breathe it in, breathe it out

No crying, hating, or any strong emotion.

Opinion posted over a year ago
You say you want a look into my life
Go ahead, there’s nothing to hide
I’m not abused by parents, a good life is apparent
In me; troubles come, I think ‘Eh, it’s Life.”

But that’s my problem: I don’t know when to stop
My thoughts go from one idea to another, they hop
If I think there’s something to worry about, I doubt
That some people would be as whiny as me.

While I’m worrying about a Civics test
Few other girls get any peaceful rest