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Hetalia OC Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu Test

Guide posted over a year ago
I found this somewhere and decided to share it with you! (though the results have still to be completed according to the original creator so I may repost this later on)

Are they are a made up country? [3]

Were they a human turned a country? [1]

Do they represent some tiny micronation or a tiny, tiny street somewhere? (EXAMPLE: New Prussia.) [3]

-Do they have relations with huge countries despite this? (EXAMPLE: New Prussia in love with Germany or best friends with France.) [8]

NyoHetaliaCreed's Hetalia OC Interview

List posted over a year ago
Hello, NyoHetaliaCreed here! This here is an interview with my Hetalia OCs, just made out of boredom while I work on Rwanda's profile! So hope you enjoy reading this and if you want to ask any questions yourself, please most them in the comments (or message me, or whatever form of communication here you prefer)!

Hey there guys! First things first, introduce yourselves with your human name.
North Korea: Annyeong hasimnikka. My human name is Im Sung-Hyun (I'd put in Kim Sung-Hyun but to avoid you Westerners complaining I put in the other one).

Libya OC Profile

Article posted over a year ago
Nation Name: Libya
Human Name: Tariq al-Sanussi (when he was an Italian colony his name was Piero Riccio)
Birthday: December 24th (date he became independant from being an Italian colony, formerly September 1st)
Physical Age: 16
Capital City: Tripoli
Goverment: Provisional: National Transitional Council
Leader: Idris of Libya (1951-1969), Muammar Gaddafi (1969/1977-2011), Mastafa Abdul Jalil (2011-present)
Languages: Arabic and Berber (Libya himself also knows English and Italian)

North Korea's Profile Sheet

Article posted over a year ago
Nation Name: Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)
Human Name: Im Sung-Hyun (Western Order: Sung-Hyun Im. Though sometimes it'll be Kim Sung-Hyun. Western Order: Sung-Hyun Kim)
Birthday: 15 August (Independence from Japan and shares this with his brother, but North often puts his birthday down as the 9th of September, which is North Korea's National Day)
Physical Age: 18 (likes to think of himself as 20)
Government: Juche Unitary Single-Party State (Communist Republic)

NyoHetaliaCreed's Top Ten Favourite Sonic Characters

Opinion posted over a year ago
This article is MY opinion and my list of Sonic Characters. If you do not agree with the placement of some of the characters here on the list, please don't go off whining at me. This is my list and you can make your own. I'll respect your opinion so please respect mines, even if we both don't agree.

No.10) Black Doom and Mephiles the Dark

Yep, Number Ten is a draw between two of the most villianous Sonic characters ever. I love these two, so I'm really upset that I've decided to place them so low on my list. I love their designs because of...