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Saving me- Nickelback-A song Fanfic

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Ok, this s a song fanfiction.
bold is nnoitra
italics is nnoitra's insanity talking
underline is nel
regular font is the song.


Prison gates won't open up for me
On these hands and knees I'm crawlin'
Oh, I reach for you

[b]Everyone pities me, they always feel more.I will become the strongest. Defeat those who stand in my...

AlmaBlanca High preview

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
This is a Bleach/Soul Eater/Rayearth and Inuyasha crossover. This is based off of the question:
"What would happen if bleach Captains,Leutennats and espadas were teachers in a school.

here are the teachers:

Nnoitra Jiruga-History teacher
Kenpachi Zaraki- Guys Athletics teacher
Nelliel Tu Ordelshvark- Dance Teacher
Sosuke Aizen-ISS teacher
Gin Ichimaru-Math Teacher
Toshirou Hitsuguya-Math Teacher

Partners for Life(grimmjow and Ulquiorra) 2

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
A/N: Hi everyone. Now this time i would like at least 3 comments so i can make another!

I woke up with grimmjow's arms around me.
"What-"I yawned then turned red as i remembered what happend last night.
"Ulqui? What're you doing up?"Grimmjow's arms wrapped around me.
"Just wondering what time it is my little kitty kat."I replied.Grimmjow held me a little closer and got his cell phone(yes us espadas have cell phones).

Haley's Hotline|||||#4

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Hey, it's me megaDUNCANfan on a different if you don't mind i'll continue the show......
Michie:I changed my name back to haley!
Duncan:Damn!Why's it so hot in here?
Justin:It's b/c i'm here.
Haley:NO!it's not,its b/c the a/c's out!Your ugly as hell, Justin!
Duncan:You need some butter for that toast?
Heather:*pops out of nowhere*Have you seen Alejandro?

Partners for life

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
"Ever Since I saw you, I've Loved you. Now we're together,right?"
A/N:Yes I am making this Yoai.WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!!!!! And I am a girl doing this story in Ulquiorra's POV. I hope u love it and if u do COMMENT! B/c if u don't i won't write anymore....(At least 1 comment)

Today is December 1, my birthday.No one has yet said:"Hey Ulquiorra, Happy Birthday" or "How old are you now?". NOTHING. I feel shitty, not even Grimmjow said:"Happy Birthday!". I sit here on my bed, wanting to die, when someone knocks on the door. Miserable, I got up.