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Fanpop + Podcast = Fanpodcast?

Guide posted over a year ago
You can be part of a podcast!
Some of you might recall me trying to get a podcast sorted out for the fans of Fanpop but it didn't work too well due to microphone problems and Skype's servers as well as timelines. So, I came up with a new plan, but first, some podcast basics.

Podcasting 101

- In order to record a podcast, you will need a microphone and a recording program. I recommend Audacity.

Destiny Calls Episode One - Charlie, Charlie & Charles

Review posted over a year ago
Some of you may remember me doing a series of articles called "The Beggining Of The End" for season three's final few episodes. This is season five's set of reviews, entitled Destiny Calls. For those of you who don't remember, it's a series of recaps and explanations and then things to tantalise you for the upcoming episode(s). Let us timeskip back to the season premiere.

Because You Left

Pokémon Trainer is NOT Ash Ketchum

Guide posted over a year ago
The original Pokémon Trainer
This is a short guide so that others might see that Pokémon Trainer is actually a trainer named Red, and not Ash Ketchum, as some have suggested. This will feature a fair amount of Pokémon vocabulary, so where possible, I shall provide Bulbapedia links so that you can read up more.

When the first generation of Pokémon games came out, the player character (seen to the left) had the possible names of Red, Satoshi and Jack in the...

Fanpop Mii Creations Contest 2008 #1

Article posted over a year ago
You will need this channel for the contest
Some of you that have been here for a while will have read my Fanpop Mii Gathering article. Using this article, you can trade Wii Codes and recieve a few Miis from your fellow Fanpoppers.

However some time ago, Nintendo introduced the Mii Contest Channel (Also known as the Check Mii Out channel in some locations). This channel may be downloaded under your Wii Shop Channel and then under Channels for free.

Themed Mii contests regularly run on there, and the results are usually quite fun, as well as the...

Bugs & You

Guide posted over a year ago
...Well, almost
This article was written May 10th 2008 and last updated May 10th 2008.

Recently on Fanpop, there have been a few little bugs or glitches. These are to be totally expected whilst a product is still in it's beta stage, as Fanpop is. Whilst all of the bugs in new features are attempted to be taken out before public release, occasionally one or two slip through.

You have to remember that being being on a beta website, we are all beta testers and should report any bugs so they're not in the final product.