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Bridoesgaming said …
Hello fellow Harry Potter fan! Posted over a year ago
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jackb24lover said …
Hey, please join my club!!
link Posted over a year ago
KateKicksAss gave me props for my images
Would you mind please voting for Blanche in this poll? Posted over a year ago
jlhfan624 said …
"When you first came to CTU, I never thought it was gonna be you that was gonna cover my back all those years. And I know that everything that you did today was to try and protect me, I know that. Thank you." Posted over a year ago
n-green said …
I LUV HARRY POTTER Posted over a year ago
chewielau gave me props for my images
i'm your fan now because i love your pictures nice to meet you Posted over a year ago
can we just stop with the "omgzzz twilight is the worst thing ever" I mean Im not a twilight fan, but enough is enough. Its not THAT bad... Posted over a year ago
PotterForever commented…
Im not refering to this spot in particular, there dosent seem to be much of that here, but many many other places over a year ago
alexisn10 commented…
I agree. It really isn'y as bad as peopoe make it out to be... over a year ago
111potatoes111 commented…
It is terrible, but it isn't as bad as people say it is over a year ago
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VampiresRevenge gave me props for my polls
Hey! Yeah, I miss the Biggerstaffs. :( It sucks how everyone one just vanished. But I'm pretty good; I started college, and it's pretty awesome, except for the workload I have this semester. Blech. How are you? Posted over a year ago
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Please, believe me. This is the real Roxy. I changed my password so my sis can't get on. Posted over a year ago
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Whose that person with the <3 link on your profile? Is that your girlfriend? :-( Posted over a year ago