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All I Want For Christmas

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Snow fell over Jump city as the holiday season was underway. Christmas Eve was two days away and the local mall was a war zones full of people trying to snatch up the last of the hottest toys and gadgets for their families in the stores. Stepping outside one would only have to take in one breath to smell the scents of christmas: cinnamon, nutmeg, and burnt turkey. Yes, holiday spirit seemed to be alive everywhere. . .

"Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an-"

"If you want to live to see Christmas morning, I suggest you stop right now," Robin said from the...


Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Robin was innocently walking down the hallway, on the way to his room, when he heard voices coming from a room up ahead. "He is so cute!" she exclaimed, it was Starfire's voice. Robin could hear the smile in her voice. He heard Raven answer back, "Yeah. . ." He didn't want to eavesdrop on their conversation, but he was dying to know what – or who - they were talking about. He didn't have to wait very long to get his answer.

"I love him!"

"Then why don't you tell him?"

What I Want

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
A tear fell silently as she reached out to him. "No… don't go.." Her whisper silently dropped from her mouth as he turned halfway. "What? Do you want to torment me more? Listen, if you love that guy, its fine with me, really. Go start a life with him. See what I care." He continued to walk away but the grip she had on his arm was hard to get away from. "Robin please..."

"Star… what do you want…"

"I want-"

"You want what?"

Flash Back

Fractured Heart

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
"Azarath, metreon, zinthos..."

The dark and dismal confines of Raven's bedroom near the top of Titans Tower were silent, save for the somber chanting of its blue-haired occupant floating a few inches above the center of the room. Her legs crossed, her arms extended, her eyes closed, Raven was currently engaged in deep meditation, undisturbed by the chaotic Samsara of the surrounding world.


Samsara, thy name is Starfire.

"Raven, would you by chance happen to have a spare blue cape I could use?"

broken heart

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
i was in love with bella but she married edward my heart ripped apart.i still remember the day i took her to the island and kissed her,for a moment it was good but then she punched me and broke her arm.edward was so mad it looke like he wanted to kill me but he didint.then i saw when she got pregnant and i knew that edward had done this i was so mad.i couldent controll myself .but then edward told me his plan that he didint want the baby either.when i saw renesmee i imagined her with me i became a part of her but then the wolf pack came and if they killed her they killed a part of was...