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yourboyfriend said …
Your page is AWESOME!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
ninjacupcake88 said …
Just commenting; you say you want to live in Canada? I wouldn't want to if I were you. It sucks up here. Or; to me at least. Posted over a year ago
Hen will u be back? Posted over a year ago
sorandom15 commented…
im bak :) over a year ago
Miwa11 gave me props for my comments
thnx for adding me back!! :) Posted over a year ago
Random9747649 said about Izzy♥Noah
WUUUUUTT i just came back to enjoy the good ole times and this was updated A YEAR AGO?!?!?!??!?! by me!!!!!!!!! WUUUT! D: that makes me sad :( common guys! NIZZY FOR THE WIN Posted over a year ago
3xZ gave me props for my articles
250th fan of yours!!! Posted over a year ago
Random9747649 commented…
hahaha thanks! :D over a year ago
big smile
I'm doing OC requests! If u have trouble drawring ur OC I can help! :) Here's the link to put ur requests on :D
link Posted over a year ago
soffi said …
hey not sure if you remember but a few months ago you posted some "think about it" have no idea how much they helped me.....thanks!! :D Posted over a year ago
Random9747649 commented…
You're welcome :) glad to help over a year ago
Heidihi2 said …
Hey Posted over a year ago
Random9747649 commented…
Heyy over a year ago
I miss the old TDI :( Posted over a year ago
The_Black_Keys commented…
I agree :c. over a year ago
NewGirl14 commented…
me 2 it was the best over a year ago
gwendiamond commented…
You mean camp tv over a year ago
Random9747649 commented…
Camp TV? over a year ago