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Everything about JOE JONAS

Article posted over a year ago
Full Name: Joseph Adam Jonas

Nicknames:Joe, DJ Danger, JJ

Date of Birth: August 15th, 1989

Place of Birth: Casa Grande, Arizona

Height: 5'9"

Star Sign: Leo

Chinese Horoscope Sign: Snake

Parents: Kevin (Sr.) and Denise Jonas

Siblings: Kevin (Jr.), Nick, and Frankie Jonas

Hobbies: Making movies, jogging and working out

Instruments: Guitar, piano, percussion (tambourine)

Everything about Bella

Article posted over a year ago
Full Name: Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

Date of Birth: September 13, 1987

Date of Change to a Vampire: Sept 13, 2006

Originally from: Phoenix, Arizona

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 5’4”

Bella doesn't care too much about her appearance and leaves her hair down carelessly. The length is about to her armpits. Sometimes she has SLIGHTLY parted to the right, but other times it is just parted in the middle. Bella is naturally a brunette with straight hair and a widows peak. She...

Not Afraid Lyrics

Article posted over a year ago
It's been a ride...
I guess I had to... go to that place... (that place!) to get to this one!
Now some of you... (some of you!) might still be in that place! (be in that place!)
If you're tryna get out... (tryna get out!)
Just follow me! (follow me!)
I'll get you there!

[Chorus: Intro in the background]
I'm not afraid (I'm not afraid!) to take a stand (to take a stand!)
Everybody (everybody!) come take my hand! (come take my hand!)

you know you're obsessed with Joe Jonas

Opinion posted over a year ago
1)your friends get annoyed of you when you cant stop talking about him
2)you love every thing about him not just his hotness
3)you dreamed about him before
4)all your friends knows you're the future Mrs. joe Jonas (LOL)
5)you're having a bad day ,you just watch funny videos about joe :D
6)you have more than 30 pic of joe (ONLY joe)
7)you're jealous from demi and Chelsea.. (any girl who comes near him)
8)you want to kill Camilla
9)you know more than 20 facts about him

about Navid<3

Opinion posted over a year ago


Style:Fashionable. Generally very well-dressed.
Personality type:Organized, somewhat shy, extremely motivated when it comes to school and politics

Navid Shirazi is a West Beverly Hills High student and politico. He is of Persian decent. He is generally known for running the school's newscast, and he tends to get the juicy stories and gossip from his fellow classmates. He has had feelings for Adrianna since the pair was in middle school together. He eventually...