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Futile Efforts

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
In a FUTILE EFFORT TO appease Asmadasahater (did I get your name right?)...Okay, anyways, THIS IS A SONGFIC. THERE, HAPPY?

Title: Futile Efforts
Rating: C (T on Fanficion.Net
Type: Humor/Family
Synopsis: Play-by-play of a regular day for our favorite son of Hypnos with Annabeth and Percy desperately trying to wake him up. Of course, it's a futile effort.
Characters: Clovis & Annabeth C.
Disclaimer: I'm not going to bother.

Reyna, Daughter of...DEATH?!

Opinion posted over a year ago
Nope. I'm not kidding. I think that Reyna is the daughter of Thanatos, Death. (Bother this if you read my Chaotic Sea'll still get free props and the next preview. But you gotta be the first person.)
Evidence. Fine, here we go!

Rick Riordan's Blog
Q: Is Reyna powerful?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it a god that we have seen in the Percy Jackson/Heroes series?
A: No.

I mean, come on, guys. Reyna said that she looked as if Percy had walked from her worst nightmares. Why does this matter?...

Sequel to the Lightning Thief

Opinion posted over a year ago
Well: The Sea of Monsters has been given the green light for... PRODUCTION!
It is currently in development by Fox 2000 pictures, and it will start filming as early as this summer. See my question in the pop quiz, if you haven't already.
The studio, however, has signed up Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski to adapt the book for the film. Whew, new playwrights!
Obviously, it will be titled 'The Sea of Monsters'.
Director of The Lightning Thief, Chris Columbus, is not expected to step behind the camera again, but he will remain on board as producer.

The Olympian Times: Volume One, Issue One

Article posted over a year ago

By: Plutarch, Head Reporter of The Olympian Times

Only two hours ago, Athena has won the hearts of the judges over Poseidon, becoming the patron goddess of Athens. Her gift, while small and insignificant-looking (that's Athena, yelling that it's not small and insignificant) is a treasure for all to behold: the olive tree.
"I don't know why Owl-head even got chosen," a grumpy Poseidon says. "It's a tiny tree, for goodness sakes. Who knows if it's even edible? This is all a scam."...