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Kokoum vs Kenai

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
It wasn't the fact that she was ignoring me that had me bothered, but it was the fact that she was crying right before my very eyes.

"Pocahontas?" I approached my friend cautiously; I swallowed a dry lump in my throat. There hadn't been a time for me to speak to her like this, not since Pocahontas broke the news to me about her arranged marriage with Kokoum.

"What's the problem?" I asked her sheepishly, mustering all the courage that I could to avoid sounding pathetic to her at that very moment.

Interview: RoxStar09

Article posted over a year ago
-When you started to do crossovers?
I started in 2005 with anime then began again in December of 2010 with Disney crossovers. :)

-Why do you like doing crossovers?
It keeps me entertained. ^^

-Do you like Slash crossovers?
No, I don't like homosexual pairings. ^^"

-Now, for you is more easier to do crossovers?
It's been the same, honestly. ^^;

-Do you thing that you're one of the best doing photoshop/crossover? BE HONEST.

A DodgerxAngel fanfic

Fan fiction posted over a year ago


The day had begun just like any other day in the quaint city-life of Manhattan. Passersby were scurrying about the stretches of 5th avenue to get a glimpse of what the new day had to offer; smells of cherry, licorice, and mint wafted throughout the air as the summer heat wave progressed to scorch upon the masses. A stray pup, by the name of Angel, found herself amidst the commotion until something peculiar caught the dog's attention. " Swiss chocolate would be great right about now," Angel salivated relentlessly while watching...

Mysteries of the Third Ep

Review posted over a year ago
This article contains spoilers, so. You have been warned.

Top Three Biggest Mysteries of the Night:

(courtesy of and dear zylice <3)
- It appears that Cora just might win the race to return to Storybrooke, as she now can apparently use the wardrobe’s ashes as a portal. And we’re especially concerned about this because she could perhaps return to Storybrooke and shapeshift into either Emma or Snow, now that we know she’s capable turning herself into other people. This is a power that could be used...