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SaintAquila said about Loki's Ladies
Loki... <3 Posted over a year ago
KaulitZfan commented…
is mine over a year ago
SaintAquila said about Game of Thrones
Tyrion Lannister, you've got my heart. Thank you for saving Sansa. Posted over a year ago
Looooove him! Posted over a year ago
SaintAquila said about Pam
I love the way she talks, I love her dresses, I love Pam!! Posted over a year ago
SaintAquila said about Severus Snape
You're my hero.... Posted over a year ago
SaintAquila said about UFO & Aliens
This is From WSJ link Posted over a year ago
avatar2012 commented…
Just read it and while i cant prove or disprove it, i can say that it is very unlikely that these are aliens. Im very doubtful about what is happening there but feel free to prove me wrong. over a year ago
SaintAquila said about Severus Snape
I think I can't bare it, seeing our beloved Snape dies in HP 7.2... Posted over a year ago
lilith84 commented…
he's NOT dead, you guys really need to stop saying this and join us in the land of Denial :) over a year ago
lilith84 commented…
just go to and read the many wonderful endings people come up with. :) over a year ago
snapeislove commented…
Snape? Dead? What crazy dream is this?! over a year ago
SaintAquila said about True Blood
I can't wait for the next season!!!!! Posted over a year ago
calichic9 gave me props for my answers
iv'e seen three ufo's here in California. Do you watch that history channel show "ancient aliens"? Posted over a year ago
calichic9 said …
That is cool that you are not ignorant about the UFO facts , I have seen ufo's myself and my family as well. how many UFO sightings have you seen, I notice in other countries like where you live there are alot of ufo sightings. well anyways I am a very big fan:) Posted over a year ago