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link Posted over a year ago
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No. over a year ago
springely commented…
No... over a year ago
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Ok, sorry to inconvenience everyone. over a year ago
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In love with my best friend </3 Posted over a year ago
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Please read my lovelies :D and rate sub the works Posted over a year ago
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link Please read randoms!!! Trying desperately to promote. Please forgive me if I'm annoying :( Posted over a year ago
Everyone should start kissing Emma... like she should hold a kissing booth... So everyone remembers. :D Posted over a year ago
CelestialDream commented…
Yeah, that's probably not how it works. This would be a very different show if that was the case lol. Pretty sure Graham remembering was the work of both true love's kiss and Emma being the one who can break the curse. If Emma had to kiss everyone in town she'd wind up with quite the reputation lol. over a year ago
JaseKS commented…
I think she knows XD but I can so imagine that happening. It would be just like "Hey, you, I need you to fall in love with me and kiss me." "Other person: "Uhhh.... why?" Emma: "So you'll remember." That, my friend, would be funny. over a year ago
SamsDarkSide commented…
Yes I know it's about true loves kiss. I was just attempting to be humorous. But yeah lol that would be funny :D over a year ago
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Lol over a year ago
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ughh i hate fake girls :( this is why fanpop is my home and my true friends :D Posted over a year ago
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Doesn't everyone hate them? xD I hate them too. D:. over a year ago
SamsDarkSide commented…
This is true lol. over a year ago
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welcome to fanpop Sam :) Posted over a year ago
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Hey Sam, thanks for adding me :) Posted over a year ago
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