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adeoye-v said …
hey shaqourya,long time Posted over a year ago
prodigywife99 gave me props for my images
hey girl imyyyyyy Posted over a year ago
Shaqourya commented…
heeeeeeeeyyy havent been on here lik a month or so over a year ago
big smile
Shaqourya said about ian eastwood
HEY EVERYONE! IM BACK!!! ANYONE MISS ME!? I HOPE SO! Posted over a year ago
prodigywife99 commented…
hey gurl imy so much over a year ago
Shaqourya said about PSY
oppa gangnam style! lol love dis club Posted over a year ago
shadria commented…
ikr :) over a year ago
Shaqourya commented…
yea over a year ago
cupcake0ps commented…
yup over a year ago
Shaqourya said about TheCursed Club
i guess yall missed me Posted over a year ago
Shaqourya said …
lol i hasnt been on here in almost a month Posted over a year ago
theICON commented…
ikr what happ. 2 you lol over a year ago
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Hey thanks for the add

Would you like to joined?

[b]link Posted over a year ago
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Thx 4 the add back

Please Join


Posted over a year ago
Shaqourya commented…
ur welcome over a year ago
1d_onedirection gave me props for my videos
Thanks so much for the add! -Liam x Posted over a year ago
Shaqourya said …
a bitch took my boyfriend pic she didnt even ask me SHE'S A PHOTO THEIF!!!!! Posted over a year ago
prodigywife99 commented…
lol its ok shaqourya how do u know she stole yo pic over a year ago
fiestagirl12345 commented…
She is a thief then that means someone is trying to steal you're boyfriend better watch out and tell her straight over a year ago