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Sleep by She_Wolf

Article posted over a year ago

They crawled ever closer, their long thin legs reaching out towards me. “Help! Help! They’re coming! The spiders are going to kill me… Please…” I screeched, a cold sweat breaking out on my forehead. I crawled away as quickly as I could, but they were so fast. They were going to get to me, I couldn’t crawl fast enough. Their ugly, hairy bodies swayed above me, each one had eight eyes that watched me, sneering. I screamed, but one of the biggest put its leg over my mouth. It was disgusting, fowl tasting with sharp hairs that pricked my face. Then...

John and Edward are looking for love

Article posted over a year ago
What posers!
[b]X Factor stars John and Edward Grimes are looking for romance, says a report. The 18-year-old brothers, who have confessed that they have never had a girlfriend, said that they are now looking for girly girls.

The Irish twins told the News of the World that they do not want to find "sexy" girlfriends.

Edward said: "I'd like a girl who's really girly, because a lot of girls right now are trying to be all seductive and sexy.

"I'd have a girlfriend who's sweet, nice and not trying to look a certain way - who knows who she is."

Harry Potter compared to Twilight

Opinion posted over a year ago
It's pretty obvious from just my username that I am a 'Twilighter',but I will try not to be biast in this article. So, lets compare the two...

Which made more money?

♥ The movie 'Twilight' made $69,637,740 in the USA and £2,508,422 in the UK, in its opening weekend. 'Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone/philosphers stone' made $90,294,621 in the USA and £16,335,627 in the UK, in its opening weekend.

♥ 'New Moon' in its opening weekend made $142,839,137 in the USA and £11,683,158 in the UK, whereas 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets'...

Wolf Brothers Chapter Twelve

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Long time since I posted on here... feels like it anyway lol. Enjoy! ♥

Chapter Tweleve

I really didn’t want to fight Jake, but the way his whole body was convulsing, it looked like he would be fighting me anyway. I’d never seen him lose his normally steel like self-control. He took a half step towards me, and then rocked back on his heel, like he was undecided.
“I don’t know…” He mumbled. But the decision was made for him. We both heard the sound of light footsteps coming from the hallway, and the quiet thump-thump of a...

Wolf Brothers Chapter Eleven

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
♥ enjoy ppl ♥

Chapter Eleven

I could smell the sour scent of alcohol on her breath. It was very strong, she was very, very, very stoned.
“Embry…” she sobbed loudly, her arms clamped around me, as if I might disappear if she let go.
“Shhhh Mom.” I soothed, as always I had to be the adult.
“I-don’t-want-you-hanging-around-Jacob-Black.” Her words slurred together, as her eyelids drooped. “Do-you-know-what-Billy-Black-said-to-me-today? He-said-he-wouldn’t-give-us-a-go.” She mumbled....