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karolinak1999 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
Thanxx for the add back!!! Posted 2 months ago
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Yep I do love loki as well as star trek. i also like the simpsons, tom hiddleston, sherlock bbc, eureka, pretty little liars, I've got a ton of interests. You name it, whatever it is, i probably have an opinion about it
sorry for the 13 day delay im not much on fanpop i spend most of my time on youtube and tumblr :) Posted 11 months ago
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So what do we have in common, friend? Posted 11 months ago
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Hello! Posted 11 months ago
Shepard14 commented…
Hello! Nice to meet you! 11 months ago
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You're very welcome^^ Posted over a year ago
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A prop for participating in round 8 of the OUAT Stills Editing Competition! Posted over a year ago
Shepard14 commented…
Thanks! I am determined to win one of these if it kills me lol xD over a year ago
QueridaPantufa commented…
Haha just keep trying ;) But most importantly; have fun! over a year ago
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Great Icon :) Posted over a year ago
Shepard14 commented…
Thanks darlin' :D When I was on Bing Images looking for icon material, that one just leapt out at me and I was like "Oh my gosh, that's perfect!" lol And just in time for the Merlin season premiere ;D over a year ago
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Thank you! Posted over a year ago
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ullo! How are you coping with the wait for merlin? Posted over a year ago
Shepard14 commented…
Pretty well surprisingly! lol The wait til it arrives in the US is almost unbearable but I think I am going to make it hahaha ;) YOu? over a year ago
big smile
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no problem, Merlin fanmate :) and thanks 4 adding back Posted over a year ago
Shepard14 commented…
My pleasure :) over a year ago