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Sophiestication said about Glee
Can't believe they ditched the "new class" of previous seasons of Glee. Was really enjoying following the new stories. And now what? We're just supposed to pretend they never existed? :/ Posted over a year ago
Sophiestication said about Wolfblood
So disappointed Maddie is actually gone for good apparently. The actrice wanted to move on is what I heard. Posted over a year ago
Sophiestication said to flyleaf
Hi, I hope you'll forgive me for being quite so nosy. I noticed that you have listed France as your country, and that your English is excellent. I live in France too, except that I'm British. Is it the same for you or a you a French national gifted with great linguistic learning skills? :) Posted over a year ago
Sophiestication said about Terra Nova
Fingers crossed another network picks it up... Posted over a year ago
I was wandering if there's any way of updating the club's title to something like "Maddy Shannon & Mark Reynolds" instead? Posted over a year ago
big smile
Hi! I believe thanks are in order. Reading through your profile I just discovered a new author who's work I might enjoy: George MacDonald. :) Posted over a year ago
Sophiestication said to D_J267
Thanks for adding those promotional pics of Rookie Blue "Stung". I follow several tv websites, and none had so many photos to show for the upcoming episode. ^__^ Posted over a year ago
D_J267 commented…
your welcome. over a year ago