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'I won't love a ghost for the rest of my life' - Elena Gilbert {A look at DE/SE}

Opinion posted over a year ago
This is kind of an anti-Stelena article, but I didn't know where else to put it and it does regard Damon/Elena so..

Plec explained, “I would say that if Stefan is going to learn anything from this experience it’s that I don’t know that he can return to who he was. Because who he was was not actually a true representation of who he is.”

This is from a recent interview of JPs. As she said, the Stefan that we've been seeing for the past two seasons was NOT the real Stefan. That also means that what we've been seeing of Stefans relationship with...

Help us celebrate Damon and Elena's 1 Year Anniversary on Twitter!

Article posted over a year ago
Hey guys, I don't know if you know this but Damon and Elena's 1 year anniversary since they first met is coming up (according to the shows timeline) and we're going to celebrate it over on Twitter by attempting a very special trend. So if you have Twitter and are available at the time below please come over and try to help us.
We are trending "Damon Elena Anniversary" on 10/27 (Thursday)



'I don't want you to be what other people think you are'

Opinion posted over a year ago
I've seen a lot of articles, pro and con, about the Damon/Elena fight scene in 3x04 and I got to say...not a lot of people seem to understand that scene. Which is kind of disappointing, but I understand 'other' shippers that want to interpret it their way in order for it to 'taint' DE for them. Well this is MY take...

[b][u]'You can't do this anymore, Damon. Not in this town. Not around me.'

'Why not, nothing I haven't done before. Why is it so important for everyone to keep me in check?'

The Vampire Diaries - 3x05 promo-walkthrough with commentary (US) - Part two -

Guide posted over a year ago
- Continued -


The Vampire Diaries - 3x05 promo-walkthrough with commentary (US) - Part one -

Guide posted over a year ago
Hey guys, I know some people were a little frustrated and confused by the 3x05 promo, and don't really know what to make of some of the imagery and it can get confusing with the coloring and the flashing so I made sort of a guide. Hope this helps you