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'Trompe le monde' was a awesome finale the tension was truly palpable! All of the Henry & Annie scenes were so rad. Auggie was a true blue friend. Calder's storyline was neat.Joan & Arthur they finally seem to be at peace. Annie's 'dark' mission/journey went and how it ended riveted me from start to finish, I loved it's conclusion! My hopes for Season 5 Annie is able to come in , she & Auggie make-up Calder sticks around and we see more of Joan's parental side. I would love to see Eyal Lavin. Posted over a year ago
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'Levitate Me' was a awesome summer finale even better than last years! I loved Annie in this episode, she was really smooth in her spy-craft! I hope Arthur is able to get out of the mess he found himself in! Joan's scenes with Arthur, and Auggie were really awesome I loved seeing that closeness. I hate Henry I want him gone! Annie's plan is pretty last ditch but I hope it works, I also loved the surprise 'cameo' it was awesome and I hope we see more of that particular 'cameo' in the future! Posted over a year ago
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'Hang Wire' awesome seeing Annie & Auggie apart was hard
Auggie and Calder's interactions were so compelling to watch!

I also enjoyed having Joan and Arthur rallying around both Auggie and Annie that was great!

That Henry Wilcox I SO want Annie to bring him down especially after what he did to Teo!

Poor Teo I was so upset to see his fate I really liked him.

I cannot wait for next week and the summer finale it looks really awesome Posted 1 minute ago Posted over a year ago
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'I've been Waiting For You' was awesome The Annie/Teo interaction, was so cool. The ending with Annie & Auggie was very encouraging I desperately hope that it wasn't a heat of the moment thing and that they are able to get back 2gether soon, Auggie was right they are GREAT 2gether, not just as a romantic couple but as a TEAM! Seeing what happened to Auggie made me even more determined to see Henry back in his jail cell. Posted over a year ago
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Starwarschick18 said about NCIS
It's gonna be beyond heartbreaking when Ziva leaves but I hope that Tiva finally becomes a reality! I don't I could stand it if they were not to of at least kiss! Posted over a year ago
BestLynette commented…
I know right!! Something better happen between them and I think it will too. Fingers crossed I'm right! :) over a year ago
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'Crackity Jones' was awesome Auggie&Helen's flashbacks put in was really great, you saw how much they meant to each other. I kinda like Helen she is a true chameleon, plus she saved AnnieAnnie and Helen's interactions were awesome. Auggie's confrontations with Arthur was very compelling.Auggie, Stu, and Eric's scenes added a lot of levity & they made me laugh Joan's reason about why she paired Annie/Auggie up made sense. Auggie/Annie in such turmoil was brutal to watch. The end was brutal! Posted over a year ago
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'Space (I believe In)' was fantastic Annie Auggie & Joan try 2 clear Annie's name was awesome Agent Rosabi being back was nice I like his character what happened to him was awful Damn that Henry Wilcox he is like the ultimate Puppet Master I want him to be brought down Annie & Henry's end scene was incredible his info about Auggie's past was a total bombshell I am excited to see the aftermath of it come next week and most importantly to see if Annie and Auggie can survive I hope that they can! Posted over a year ago
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'Here Comes your man' was amazing the bread crumbs at the start was uber cool!
The DPD run by Calder is both intriguing and cool
Annie's new NOC was very glamorous LOL!
Annie's 'rescuer' totally came out of left field 4 me
Arthur&Joan getting along was nice 2 see
Henry Wilcox is a wonderful 'big bad'
I cannot wait 4 next week Posted over a year ago
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'Rock A My Soul' was great I loved hearing more about Auggie's past in this episode,
Damn that Henry Wilcox I just want someone to put him down!
Seeing Annie/Auggie talk on the phone to each other while she was on a Op at night was too cute!
Auggie & Teo's interaction was nice I hope we see some flashbacks about them really soon!
Arthur and Joan's bits was very nice too
The surprise at the end involving Calder really threw me! I cannot wait for next week! Posted over a year ago