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Untitled - Part 2 - Chapter 1

Fan fiction posted over a year ago

Chapter 1
I loped quickly, leaping over fallen trees, dodging boulders and other debris on the path. I had to see her, find out why she’d left, see if she was all right. I couldn’t believe what Billy had told me when I got home.

I’d pulled in to find Billy sitting on the porch, his expression blank. He was staring out into the forest like he was waiting for something to pop out and attack.

“What’s up Pops?” I asked teasingly, ducking under the overhang to get out of the rain. I followed his gaze...

Untitled - Chapter 5

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Chapter 5

I stayed at the hospital until Carlisle’s shift ended, allowing him to follow me home. This would be the first test; I had to know he could keep this all a secret until I was ready.

We walked through the doorway in silence. The only person to halt their previous action was my dad who rushed to Grandpa’s side. “I’m so sorry Carlisle.”

Apparently my grandfather had pulled forward a hopeless case from his medical files to cover the thoughts concerning me.

Untitled - Chapter 4

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
SURPRISE! Two chapters in one night...Just for you, avid readers!



I awoke the next morning to silence. Alice was gone, instead my mother sat at the foot of my bed.

I sat up quickly, trying my best to look the complete opposite of how I felt. “Where’s Alice?”

“She went to town. She thought you might want some breakfast.”

I looked down at my muddy jeans and sighed. I was hungry. Starving actually.

Untitled - Chapter 3

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
I leapt over stumps and roots, the tears running back into my hair as I went. I was devastated. What had just happened to me? Now I’d not only hurt another person, I’d made a mess of Billy’s sink and in doing so a mess of myself. There was only one person I could talk to right now. I reached into my pocket, pulling out my cell phone.

It only half rang, “What took you so long?”

“I’m sorry.” I cried, continuing forward at a jog.

“Don’t slow down, I’m on my way.”

Untitled - Chapter 2

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
I laid beside Jacob as he pulled the comforter up to his chest, wiping sweat from his brow.

I rested my head on his chest with a soft moan, my hands tucked under my chin while I stared into his softly contoured face.

He wrapped an arm around me with a sigh, smiling gently. After more than five minutes he turned to face me. “What?” He smiled. “Is there something on my face?”

I shook my head. “No. You’re just, so beautiful.” I pushed a bit of hair away from his forehead.