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Prison Break

If you could marry / kill / bang one character, who would those characters be ?

24 answers | my answer: I´m no lesbian, but none of the guys are really my...
Hottest Actors

Do they look a bit alike?

20 answers | my answer: They do look alike. Johnny´s eyes just look nicer ...
Hottest Actors

Who is the...

30 answers | my answer: Since my fave actor is all but cute I guess I´ll g...
Hottest Actors

Who do you think is the hottest guy aged 50 or over???

35 answers | my answer: Robert Knepper
Hottest Actors

Who's your biggest crush right now? :)

75 answers | my answer: Robert Knepper
Hottest Actors

pic of fav hottest actor shirtles

30 answers | my answer: Knepper is so hot. He is 49 in this pic <3
Hottest Actors

Who you think is the best actor these days??? Post a pic if you want!!

14 answers | my answer: Robert Knepper is brilliant
Hottest Actors

Post a pic of a superhero or a character who has powers

14 answers | my answer: Robert Knepper in Heroes, superpower: Terrakinesis
Hottest Actors

Post your fav actor wearing a tuxedo

5 answers | my answer: @XxxFUMMxxX: Rob looks great in tux! :P
Hottest Actors

Post a black n white pic of your fav actor.

11 answers | my answer: <3