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Fujimaru, Lesson Number One, Speed:Complete!

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
They may be twins but they have different abilities!

Seigen:Alright! Fujimaru, since I feel better, I can teach you how to learn the first most important lesson:speed.

Fujimaru:You feel better? Were you sick or something? I don't remember seeing you ill and, if
you were sick, then who taught Beirii?

Seigen:Well, there was a war five years ago and I was called upon to help but I got poisoned by a
spider demon anda friend of mine named Rai taught

Beiriis' Day Off And Fujimarus' Lesson

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
A beautiful new character joins!

Seigen:Konoka, I'm going to wake up Fujimaru, Beirii can sleep in and rest up till' tomorrow.

Konoka:Okay.(It won't take long until lil' Beirii
wakes up though...)
-Back at the Kudos' room-
Beirii:Fujimaru...wakey wakey, eggs and bakey...we
have to get up and learn todays' lesson...WAKE UP!
Fujimaru:Owwww! Okay, okay! I'm awake! Now what were you yelling in my ear for?

Beirii:WE have to get up and learn todays' lesson remember?

The Tea Delivery and The Legend of Kentai

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Like I said, this chapter is about tea.

Seigen:Did Konoka tell you what flavor she wanted you to buy?

Beirii:She said she'll go with anything.

Seigen:Well, let's go into the village to and get the tea, the best tea sold here is hard to get, it's hard to get reservations, and they don't deliver.

Fujimaru:Lord Seigen is right! The line is so long, that the end of the looks like it never ends!

Beirii:It's that bad?


A Brother Located!

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
My writing style is going to change becuse I think it'll be easier to tell who's talking.

Beirii:(I'm not human? I'm a tenkai? What is that exactly? And what did it want from me?... Oh yeah! I need to focus on where I'm going or I'll get more lost!)

Mystery boy: Ahhhhhh!!!

Mob: get back here demon! *rocks are being thrown*

Mystery boy: Please! Stop! *Hides behind Beirii*

Mob: Little girl, get out of the way! That demon must get stoned asap!

Some of The Truth Recovered

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
The first enemy of Beiriis' or an allie to be?

"You're up early again Beirii."
"Heh heh, I guess I'm excited to learn today's lesson! about... ummmm, what is today's lesson?"
"I'm not sure, but since you're up early, you have enough free time before Seigen wakes up."
"Oh, ummmm, can I help you cook, do laundrey or anything of that matter Lady Konoka?"
"Oh no, all of those chores are my duty, besides, it keeps me happy and Seigen happy to see me smile everyday!"