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Awsome KFP fanfic!

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
"Owwww," Po groans as he holds his head. "I know Tigress is trying to make me stronger, but did she really have to throw me through the wall?"

After a very hard day of training, the Dragon Warrior decided it would be a good idea to take a little stroll though the Palace gardens.

As he walks through it, Po grumbles inside his own head.

'Ok, fine, so I accidentally stepped on her tail-big deal! I mean, it's not like I did it on purpose! Seriously, I can't even see my own toes-let alone her tail!'

Bedtime fun with Po and the Furious Five!

Fan fiction posted over a year ago

Tigress: OH! ARTICA!

Viper: Not the dutch oven again, Artica!

Artica: Sorry.

Po: P.U.! It smells like somone farted in here!

Tigress: That was Artica, Po!

Po: Gross, Artica! Stop toot-tooting!

Monkey: Yeah! No more toot tooting!

Artica: I bet you guys toot-toot a lot too!

Tigress: No I DON'T! {Toot-toot!} Augh!

Crane: Tigress! Damn it, why did you fart?