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Disney Princess

What's your princess name?

82 answers | my answer: Aurelle (Aurora + Belle) It's kind of pretty, i li...
Disney Princess

What would the Disney Princes look like if they were real?

12 answers | my answer: I love it! I can absolutely see the similarities o...
Disney Princess

Did you like my fan fiction "John and Pocahontas: Found again"? and should I write a sequel?

5 answers | my answer: It sounds great to me! I really enjoyed the first o...
Tristan + Isolde

New Banner?

1 answer | my answer: Im interested in submitting a new banner :) I was a...
Jane Austen's Couples

What is your Top3 JA couples ?

3 answers | my answer: 1. Catherine & Henry 2. A tie: Elizabeth & Darcy/J...
Period Drama Villains

Who is your favourite Period Drama Villain ever???

2 answers | my answer: Thats a tough one but I would have to say Guy of Gi...
Period Drama Villains

Who do you consider to be the villains in Gone with the wind ?

1 answer | my answer: That's a really hard one. But I would have to say t...