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Thought of the day
I'm really considering making a new account or simply deleting this one...
Making a new account obstacle #1: username.
Obstacle #2: being on Fanpop isn't what it used to be.
Obstacle #3: not wanting to lose good old memories, props, caps, icons, contributions, medals... I spent time on them and deleting them will make it all more useless than anything.
Certainly something to think about....
Posted over a year ago
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But isn't starting over sometimes a good thing? over a year ago
User20392 commented…
I'm deleting pretty much all the posts on my wall for certain reasons. Just in case anyone reads this, I'll never forget the nice times I had here on Fanpop. I really miss them... over a year ago
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I'm not sure whether to delete my account or just leaving it unactive. Either way, if anyone steals my fanart I will find them. I feel the need to protect my creations from evil thieves!! D:< over a year ago
User20392 said about Harold Finch
I hope everyone likes the new banner and icon!
It still looks a little like my older banners for this spot but hopefully at least most people will like it. :) Posted over a year ago
Lesly1133 commented…
Both look great :D over a year ago
User20392 commented…
Thanks a lot!! :D over a year ago
Xara333 gave me props for my images
Thanks for adding back!!I have to say that I love your icon as I started watching Person a week ago and I find it great!!! Posted over a year ago
User20392 said …
If you're planning on posting on my wall, please read this.
I've realized more than before that I think props should be earned, not given randomly. I know Fanpop props aren't actual props or anything like that, but I think that if there's something supposed to be earned, then I want to actually earn them. I have a lot of props, I don't even deserve most of them, and I like getting something and deserving it, so please don't give me any more random props, thank you. Posted over a year ago
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I think I'll delete all wall posts on my wall that have given me undeserved props, by the way. I'll save the text of the wallposts though, I really don't want to get rid of them. :) over a year ago
vidvida commented…
Okay Sure!!! over a year ago
User20392 commented…
Thank you. :D over a year ago
aNNalovechuck gave me props for my videos
Oh my god...<3
Thnx so much.....!!!!
PS:Chuck is my favourite TV show....<3 Posted over a year ago
User20392 commented…
You're welcome! Thanks for all the props! Yeah, I love that show too, it's awesome! :D over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 gave me props for my images
I love your icon! Posted over a year ago
User20392 commented…
It's not mine, but thank you a lot! :D over a year ago
LifesGoodx3 commented…
no problem... I love Finch haha over a year ago
User20392 commented…
Same here! D: Haha I agree. XD I'm not so sure who I like best, I just stopped to like Carter a little bit after what happened in the end of Number Crunch. D: So... Have you watched the new episode of POI that was aired this Thursday yet? over a year ago
User20392 said about Harold Finch
What do you guys think of the new icon and banner?
I did what I could, hopefully most of you liked it and the change didn't bother anybody. :| Posted over a year ago
ellefan80 commented…
Love them both! over a year ago
User20392 commented…
Thanks a lot! :D over a year ago
NasriN91 gave me props for my comments
thank u so much for helping me! Posted over a year ago
User20392 commented…
You're welcome! :) over a year ago
valleyer gave me props for my answers
For your answer on fanpop spot! Posted over a year ago
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Thank you for the prop and you're welcome! :D over a year ago
PentHouseForum gave me props for my answers
Thanks for ur answer, and for the links too !! Posted over a year ago
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You're welcome! :) over a year ago