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keelawinchester said …
Hey! will you join my supernatural brotherly moments spot? link Posted over a year ago
MikuChan said …
OMG,your icon...*___* GORGEOUS!^^ Did you make it yourself? :3
Oh,and as I saw that you're also a great TVD fan: Have you already signed this petition?It's against the firing of L.J.Smith.If not,it would be great if you could do so,'cause I think we just cannot sit there and watch how HER art is taken away from her >__<

Oh,DE shipper,too? :D I couldn't think of another couple,they're just like MADE for each other >//< Posted over a year ago
JenoJake gave me props for my images
"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend."
send this message to the people u care about! Posted over a year ago
VDfan1994 said about Taylor Lautner
Amazing Banner!!!!! <3 Posted over a year ago
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i love you icons :).... Sammy<3 Posted over a year ago
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your* lol over a year ago
VDfan1994 said about Supernatural
TODAY'S THE DAY!!!!!!!!!! ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!! IS IT 9PM YET??????? Posted over a year ago
VDfan1994 said about Damon Salvatore
What more can i say about Damon? His name says it all! i LOVE him!!!!!! hes so gorgeous, sexy, evil. WAAAAAAAY better than Edward Cullen!!!! hes got nothing on you! Both you and Stefan kick ass!!! But my heart belongs you you! <3 Ur the besst! Luv ya Damon! Posted over a year ago
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<3 the icon xD Posted over a year ago
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Thanx <3 xD over a year ago
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LOVE your icon! He is so hot! And thanks for adding me too :D Posted over a year ago
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Thanks! LOVE yours 2! No problem :D over a year ago
VDfan1994 said about Supernatural
HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted over a year ago
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me too! happy belated b-day over a year ago
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LOL x over a year ago
VDfan1994 commented…
Yeah! over a year ago