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Star Wars

Can someone answer this question?

6 answers | my answer: I am not quite sure but I'm guessing it could be Da...

Who is/was your favorite celebrity from Australia

7 answers | my answer: Liam and Chris Hemsworth :)

i really need advice..

4 answers | my answer: Firstly u could go up 2 him he doesn't nessasarily ...
Twilight Series

Does Esme Cullen has a supernatural powers like her family?

10 answers | my answer: No she does not have a supernatural talent only Al...
Twilight Series

Which coven would you be a part of and why?

12 answers | my answer: Cullens I luv the family members
Twilight Series

Who looks cuter without a shirt Edward or Jacob?

22 answers | my answer: I love Edward dont get me wrong and i am team edwar...
Twilight Series

Where can I get the denium jacket Bella wears in Eclipse and I think Twilight? It has a hoodie on it to, I think sewn on.

1 answer | my answer: How am i supposed 2 know i don't even know what jac...
Twilight Series

When does the next movie come out?

6 answers | my answer: In the US and the UK Breaking Dawn Part 1 will come...
Twilight Series

Post a pic of Bella, Edward and Jacob or Kristen, Robert and Taylor Prop to all :)

19 answers | my answer: Here u go a collage
Twilight Series

Which character has the most interesting backstory?

14 answers | my answer: I think Rosalie and Edward coz Rosalie's backstory ...