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Opinion posted over a year ago
(I am sorry if this is really crap I am writing it on my iPad :P)
but that is not important because it is your birthday!
I was honestly so happy when you told me you were excited for your birthday for once! You deserve to have a magnificent day, you damn well deserve more than most bitches. hehe
I can not believe you are already 17 :O when I first knew you, you were 14 and we first talked you were 15! can you believe that is two years that we have talked to each other? And even though I have never met you before you are like a sister to me.

my big sister is growing up †

Opinion posted over a year ago
18? 18 years old? That is so crazy, you are a proper adult now aren't you? Have you had a drink yet ;)?? haha. You need to stop growing up so fast! It has honestly been such an honour to have talked to you, you are the most kind, understanding and caring person that I know. I know that each year I am not going to be able to celebrate your birthday with you, on the exact day, but my heart will be with you on the 3rd on January each year :) haha

I remember the first time I talked to you, you said that you liked my icon and that was the time that you had a Rita Ora icon (haha I...


Opinion posted over a year ago
you are like this girl in so many ways
Well okay since I am kind of late to wish you a happy birthday, let's make this a birthday/x-mas message, yeah? haha it is the best I can do. So I hope you had the best day ever, I can't believe you are 15 already. You are growing up so fast :')

Do remember the first time we started talking properly about a year ago? I remember you telling me that you had always loved my name and you loved my icons, and honestly from that moment I fell in love with you. I knew I had to start talking to you cos you were so damn sweet! That post made my day and I never forget about it even to...


Opinion posted over a year ago
kisses :*
The time has come, I have officially been on fanpop for 2 years! I actually can't believe I am writing this article. I remember when I first found fanpop, I was looking for new images for Breaking Dawn Part 1 and fanpop always seemed to have them as soon as they came out. Which meant I was constantly checking fanpop to see any updates. Eventually this led to me getting a proper account and becoming a member. And what a great decision that was.

I must say fanpop wouldn't be the same without the beautiful I have met. You guys are the reason I have made it 2 years. So whether I...

cнєzzy ғαcᴛs ∞

Opinion posted over a year ago
my husband ;) x
Hey all :) I am writing this so you can learn more about what an amazing person I am....nah I am just kidding, calm down I am just bored! But I would like you to know more about me :) I got the idea of this from heaps of my friends such as Mira, Jen and others ♥ Hope you still like me after finding about more about me, haha


[i]1. I live in an amazing place called Australia, born & raised. I have never been out of this country. So if I spell things differently to you it is cos...