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VampyreFey said to heartmerlin2
Same! I was don't think he's a very appealing character. I was always on Merlin's side that episode going, "yeah I'll help you kill him as well." or "You go beat him up, Merlin." Hehe...guess that changed big-time. Yeah, I still love Merlin a tad bit more, though.
I really would love for that hug to happen. It's like "okay guys, enough trying to avoid admitting that your best friends." Posted over a year ago
VampyreFey said to maryksand
Exactly- it was a trainwreck. That's exactly what those two damaging episodes were. A trainwreck. Yeah, they ruined Cook as they ruined every character. He had such a great SL and he was an amazing character. There was room for more. But no, forget that. Like a crazy therapist with a bat who puts Freddie's bloodied clothes in some bag thing and Cook then comes in. And he takes a bat swing at him to. Great. All of this is making less sense by the second. Ugh! I'm so irritated. Still am, always.. Posted over a year ago
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...will be. Why Skins writers? Still asking that...why? Skins is only my fourth favorite tv show because of the first generation and most of the second. Minus two episodes. over a year ago
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Yeah, I'm so happy we agree so spot on with this! It's great to rant a little to someone who completely understands :) over a year ago
VampyreFey said to Ritaprodz
Yeah Merlin, TVD, and Nikita are my favorites as well [plus a period drama called Downton Abbey ;)] But yeah, True Blood can make up for the lost time. I finished the first season completely. Hehe... I've got way too much time on my hands.

I'm starting season 2 today. I really enjoyed season 1 for the most part. It's a clever show, I think. They way they display everything with the vampires is interesting. I also watched episode 2 of season 4 last night. :D Posted over a year ago
VampyreFey said to heartmerlin2
Exactly! My words, exactly Cara. My words exactly. Aw, remember episode 1 season 1. Seems so long ago now. I remember rooting for Merlin and agreeing that Arthur was such a royal prat [a cute one, but still a prat :D] And now, after that epic speech in the season 3 finale at the round table, I think that both Merlin and I realized how truly good Arthur really is. Hehe... so that hug will really signify that Merlin now knows why his destiny his linked with a Arthur's. Posted over a year ago
September 15th, I believe. This site- pretty much gives you all the information you need! ;) Posted over a year ago
VampyreFey said to Ritaprodz
Oh, yeah, GoT is amazing! Tell me once you finish it- I think it's the best premium cable show aired this year. It really is so good. :)
I ended up watched five episodes of TB last night. Actually I started in the afternoon and it was so amazing. AH! Just way too good.

The fans hate Bill... I don't really like him so far and it's barely been anything. The show got me hooked quickly, though I can't say if I like it as much as TVD. But there's a lot to come. The pilot of s1 of TVD... Posted over a year ago
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... was just okay. But it became such a amazing show! I'll find the video- I watched it here on Fanpop, so I'll go search for it now. Aw, your video was phenomenal, sweetie! Completely and utterly gorgeous! over a year ago
VampyreFey said to teamian
Remember when you first got me into it...I was so obsessed and the movie was the only thing that I could think about and I was always saying Skate like Ian is watching you. I still love it, but I've definitely cool's been ages and this film is set for 2013. *sigh* Yeah, Ian is still Ian. Hoping :)

I didn't care for the Atonement. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. I thought Ronan was good, but that's about it. Posted over a year ago
VampyreFey said to teamian
It's a bit far off. I'd have liked a closer date- we've known so long that they were planning on making a movie. Haha, still hoping that Ian plays Ian ;)

Yeah, she deserves the chance. She's definitely a good actress and she was really good in The Atonement. But yeah, we will always have the book, regardless. Posted over a year ago
VampyreFey said to heartmerlin2
I think that hug really will signify the depth of their relationship. I mean if we look at what has happened in season 1 when Merlin had no idea how his destiny could be tied to such an arrogant prat, there has been so much growth in both Merlin and Arthur. A hug will force them to admit that they hold one another to great importance, that they feel for each other, that they are friends. That is definitely the hightlight of the show if it does happen.
Okay...two more months? Seems too long... Posted over a year ago
firequeen commented…
i agree in a interview bradley james said that aruther's relationship with merlin was stronger then his relationship with gwen over a year ago
heartmerlin2 commented…
Haha yeaah! That made me laugh :P over a year ago
VampyreFey said to Ritaprodz
I see. So it's a much more involved show, in that sense. Dealing with more adult concepts and tapping into a more political view. It's realistic that the humans should know about the vampires because I don't really expect such secrets to be kept :) And I think I'll really like this show, thought it's tought to beat TVD, which tied with Merlin is my second favorite show on tv.
Oh, one of your OTPs are on that show? Who are they? I don't really know any of the TB couples, actually. Posted over a year ago