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I'm keeping track on the updates, lol. TGTDHD - Chapter 9 found here: link Posted over a year ago
Hey guys, Chapter 8 has been posted, and BlueWonderland was right, there is a lot in store in this chapter, so don't miss it! ;D Posted over a year ago
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WolfMaster5 said about Dramione
I created another club to tribute the awesome fanfic, 'Isolation' by Bex-Chan. I freaking love it! Definately my 2nd favourite Dramione fanfic after 'To Give The Devil His Due'.

if you're reading it too, or just like thew sound of it, plz join here: link

if you haven't and are curious, read it here:
link It's bloody amazing so far =D Posted over a year ago
HPCouples commented…
Okay, I'm going to join. :D Woo!! xD over a year ago
xHardcoreBunnyx commented…
Kk over a year ago
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xXxDracoxXx gave me props for my links
Thanks for the add!! <33 Posted over a year ago
WolfMaster5 commented…
Your welcome =D over a year ago
WolfMaster5 said about Dramione
If anyone here is a fan of the fanfic: To Give The Devil His Due, please feel free to join my club =) link

(It's a dramione fanfic of course^^) Posted over a year ago
HPCouples commented…
Well, of course :D over a year ago
xHardcoreBunnyx commented…
Already did. ^_~ over a year ago
xXxDracoxXx commented…
Found it!: link over a year ago