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XxXrachellXxX gave me props for my images
#2 Posted 26 days ago
XxXrachellXxX gave me props for my videos
You won Maria's round of the LPF icon contest! 3 props

#1 Posted 26 days ago
xoheartinohioxo said …
Hey, i recognize that icon :D

You have no idea how much i squee'd when i saw that you were using one of my icons! Posted 27 days ago
marakii said …
Me too <33
hahaha OMG same ,his arms were ajshakjsh hahaha xP<3 Posted 29 days ago
marakii said …
I SAW IT kjahskajshajh OMG THEY ARE SO akjshakjshajkshajks hahaha I love their bromance lol ahaha ,plus hot ,hot ,hot . Did you see Josh's one too? AJSKHAKJSHAKJS<3 Posted 29 days ago
Seriously! I already despise it when a mosquito bites me anywhere on my body (allergic reactions, thank you very much!) but ON MY EYELID?!?! My eye is so swollen, I look like freaking Quasimodo right now!! :s Posted 1 month ago
tvdlover commented…
That sucks!!! I hate mosquitos. 1 month ago
marakii commented…
i know the feeling :S last month both my eyes were swollen thanks to a mosquito bite . I HATE THEM ,right now i have mosquito bites everywhere (well almost) but still ,fenistil is my favorite summer buddy :p 1 month ago
Nicolas97 commented…
Ooo I know they suck hard 29 days ago
sarabeara gave me props for my images
Flawless Cory/Topanga icon <3 Posted 1 month ago
marakii said …
CELINE i'm totally in love with all of them . They are the most beautiful things I've ever seen really haha<33 gaaaah I always fangirl like crazy when you make me icons hahah <33333 THANK YOU SO MUCH<3333 they're every kind or perfection and I just adore all (maybe i adore the one you actually used the most ;)) hehe we're twins so we think alike :P<3333
Thank you again :D I freaking love you<333 Posted 1 month ago
AdeTiffSan gave me props for my links
1 Posted 1 month ago
AdeTiffSan gave me props for my pop quiz questions
2 Posted 1 month ago