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Nicolas97 said …
Ahahahahahahahaha no you're not, you're just funny and quirky stuff happen to you <333333
Ok huuuun thanks <3 btw I'm dying to watch another SW film but I just don't have the time/company! :(
Come to Greece to watch it with me :P
I did find however company for "Divergent" *so excited* Posted 16 days ago
Nicolas97 said …
I upload my screencaps on YOUR spot 14 days ago so that you could see them faster *lol* :P Posted 16 days ago
Nicolas97 said …
Hey Queen C <3

SO, I don't mean to be annoying but what's up with the LPF icons? Excuse me, but I'm just so excited for my banner to get up there <33333 Posted 16 days ago
Divergent was AWESOME!!!
I ship Tris & Four SOOO badly!! ;P Posted 19 days ago
xoheartinohioxo commented…
YESSS!!! Lmao i was so excited watching it, i crept over to the side of the theater where i wouldn't disturb anyone & texted Moosh to fangirl. 19 days ago
mooshka commented…
THIRD FAVORITE COUPLE EVER<33 and trust me you guys, read the books....SO MUCH BETTER. 19 days ago
xoheartinohioxo said …
LOVE Bro! (F*ck you Craig & Carter)

I feel you babe, i so feel you. {Look at my motto lmao} Posted 20 days ago
big smile
smile19 gave me props for my images
I love your Girl Meets World & Boy Meets World icon! Posted 22 days ago
Why do I have the feeling that everything that was good is changing lately?!
I don't like it for one second, this freaking blows ! :(( Posted 22 days ago
mooshka commented…
Yeah:/ I feel you. Real life and internet life seem to be a mess lately. 22 days ago
marakii commented…
</3 21 days ago
Nicolas97 said …
wtf did I just watch? Posted 23 days ago
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Hi!! thanks for the add back and no problem!! :D:D
could you please join my club??

would be real nice, thanks. if you have a club you'd like me to join, let me know. :)) Posted 24 days ago
mooshka said …
Since everyone's doing Fictional Friendships these days, we definitely need one< 3 My first thought was Peyton/Haley but since everyone has that pretty much claimed:P lol. I was thinking Summer/Marissa<3?

Btw, I hope your doing okay<3 and I love you:D Posted 25 days ago