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Sakkara98 said …
Oh,okay ! No problem,don't worry ^^
My birthday is January 8th =) Posted 3 months ago
Sakkara98 gave me props for my images
Hey Celine !
I just wanted to know if you forgot to add me in the Chinese signs picks you did ? Posted 3 months ago
Nicolas97 said …
Hey, I'm Nic, nice to meet you :)
I kinda like your icon, I think. Posted 3 months ago
marakii gave me props for my images
OMG Celine thank you so much <3333 I love you so much and i love this ,such a flawless gift ,i'm seriously left speechless again with you art<33 you can find my fangirling under the fanart ha ;D Posted 4 months ago
Jessica4695 said …
Haha I know that feeling :D

Ah okay, well thats awesome then, No? I like facebook, but I don't post 12 pictures a day either. Thank you hun, same goes for your instagram page :)
Yes we are living together and we are together 22 months by now, so soon 2 years :) Aww he's great, he's my Nathan. Like really Nate from S1-S4, but on accident :D I'm studying Medien Management, just started 3 weeks ago :) What are you studying btw?
Oh okay :/ Posted 4 months ago
Jessica4695 commented…
I finally found something and got it back,yessssss, but I still lost all of my colorings, but I remember that I send you a coloring of mine like 2 years ago. Do you still have that maybe? Bc otherwise I would need to start all over again and I don't remember how I used to do my colorings. 4 months ago
What kind of idiot sits in an empty auditorium for more than half an hour until she realizes that nobody's coming because there's no class?
that would be me! :s Posted 4 months ago
Sakkara98 commented…
OMG,Celine,seriously ?! 4 months ago
marakii commented…
haha Celine I could have totally done something like this too :p #dorksunited 4 months ago
Nicolas97 commented…
Ahahaha I love you so much ❤️ 4 months ago
Jessica4695 said …
Hey I don't want to bother you hun, but just wanted to ask again if you know where I can get Photoshop again :/ Posted 4 months ago
rorymariano said …
Okay so GOTHAM! I'm loving it so much so far, what are your thoughts on it? :D Posted 5 months ago
Jessica4695 said …
Yes, I think that means I'm back, what about you? Are you still on here a lot? :P
Yeah facebook & instagram, well if you dont post anything there then maybe other ppl post something on your wall or mention you in their post ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE your instagram, you post cool pictures hun<3 And thank you so much, he's a cutie pie ;)

Rough days? What exactly does that mean? :/ With Friends?Family?School? And yeah I get what youre trying to say & I think thats good hun ;) Posted 5 months ago
Jessica4695 commented…
LMAO :D :D :D I know that the story is old it was just something I remembered about you. Ah well that is good to know, even if thats 2 years ago ;) 5 months ago
Jessica4695 commented…
Well, just moved out of my home & moved together with my bodyfriend because I just started college & everything is kind of scary for me :P Thats probably the biggest thing in my life right now :PP What about you? Are you off to college yet or not? :P 5 months ago
Jessica4695 commented…
Oh and I missed you too! SO MUCH! You were one of my favorite people on here,too! And you are still SO amazing with your fan art - LIKE DAMN! I've lost my photoshop :( which means I can't do icons & gifs anymore & that breaks my heart so much.. Do you know where I can find PS again? 5 months ago
Jessica4695 said …
Hey Celine :)
how are you doing? I always see your fb post, but (of course) don't really know whats going on? What are you doing right now? Is everything play, I remember you telling me about this boy,who was your freind but wanted more.. I don't remember everything, I mean it was a year ago, but everything alright there,too? :)
TELL ME EVERYTHING <3 Posted 5 months ago