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I love your icon <3 Posted 8 months ago
marakii gave me props for my images
ICON<333333333333 Posted 8 months ago
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hi :)
thanks for the add! Posted 8 months ago
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Hi, Thanks For The Add Back And I Hope We Can Be Best Friends In Fanpop Posted 8 months ago
unicornsrreal said …
I had a list, but me and my memory, I don't know where it is hahaha :p
Well it's lovely and yes, she is FABULOUS<333
Haha, I'm fine with being Emily, I'll be Harry too (I mean I ship myself with Peter so I'm happy for you to be him :p), I prefer Sam so hell yes to being that Winchester & I'm totally like Dick so I'm happy being him too :p
Sure thing!!! Us and our Marvel friendships :p Posted 9 months ago
Kirkir said …
Awesome :D
Yeah Roy is my favourite as well along with Felicity <33 Posted 9 months ago
Elbelle23 said …
HAHHA KNEW IT :) And yes :) I love Prim and Puck <3 Posted 9 months ago
Elbelle23 said …
So Katniss/Prim and Puck/Finn?

Let me know who you want to be :) Though pretty sure I know...just want to double check <3 Posted 9 months ago
Kirkir said …
Okay so I'm going with Brooke and Nathan, I'll be Brooke.
Bonnie and Caroline, you're Caroline :D
And sure, Harry & Hermione <33 I'm Harry.
And how about Roy/Felicity? I'll be Felicity pleasee? Didn't know you watch Arrow ahhh <33 Posted 9 months ago
Sakkara98 said …
Ahah, I saw that :p
Okay, amazing !
Love these friendships too <33 Posted 9 months ago