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Hey Celine !
For the friendships : Caleb (me) & Toby (you), right ?
And who is who for Elena & Bonnie ?
Charming & Red = okay =)
Nate (you) & Chuck (me) ?
Bella & Rosalie = Love <3 Posted 3 days ago
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I'm not a big fan of Bonnie, so if you're okay, you're Bonnie & I'm Elena ? <3 3 days ago
big smile
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thank you for voting! Posted 4 days ago
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Thanks for the add back Posted 8 days ago
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I really got to know myself through a lot of that self-destruction.I had to go very deep into myself and rebuild a lot of what I had taken apart,and that process is strengthening,that process is grounding.That doesn’t go away.That’s the foundation this is all built on now,and I feel stable.I feel happy.I like myself.I love my job.It just so happens that I fell into doing something that I enjoy—the drums and the music and acting and all that stuff.I love it a lot. Posted 16 days ago
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As today, 2 years ago, we have lost him. 16 days ago
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Go check this link please <3

And this one : Posted 1 month ago
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HAPPY BDAY<3333 I LOVE YOUUUUU <33333 Posted 1 month ago
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AND GIFTS :D 1 month ago
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I adore your icon!!! Today is his birthday too! ♥ ♥ Posted 2 months ago
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Hahahahahahhaha no way. What's up with this icon?
I made it last year and it sucks!!
But love you, very very very much <33333 Posted 3 months ago
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Hi Celine :)

Any chance I could get you to vote and maybe leave a comment in this Disney Poll I made here:

I'm trying to get this poll to the Top Spot in my Club and your vote could really help a lot :) I'd really appreciate it as every little vote counts :) Posted 3 months ago
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#10 Posted 4 months ago