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XxKeithHarkinxX said about Random
update, 6 years later and im still emo. Posted 5 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
I'm still in my so random xD *rawr* phase 4 days ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
You people are old as shit. Six years ago I was barely growing tits. 4 days ago
8theGreat commented…
I guess it really wasn't a phase, Mom. 4 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
It became a lifestyle mom. Though I think I'm more gothic than anything. 3 days ago
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link Here's some of my more recent stuff. Sorry for taking a few days, I was anticipating moving (which didnt freaking happen but thats another story) so I was a bit busy this week.
I was going to post more but a lot of them wouldn't upload properly for some reason?
Also full disclaimer, my mentor has drawn over/corrected a good portion of them. It's still all my work but he's tidied them up a bit.
//lowkey can't wait to see your stuff Posted 7 days ago
8theGreat gave me props for my articles
I would love to see your new stuff!! I'm sure it's great! I'll even upload some of my more recent stuff, too, if you're interested. I mean I probably should scan in some of my stuff to build a portfolio anyway...
Tbh I don't know nearly as much about art history as I should. It's a really interesting subject and I should probably learn more about it since it's like my career and all. Are you more into like fine art or commercial art? I like both but I know some people have preferences. Posted 11 days ago
8theGreat gave me props for my images
Really?? It's so great you're still doing art! It was always a pleasure to see your work and you were always getting better and better. It was pretty clear you were passionate about it, and it's good to hear that you still are. It warms my little heart to hear that you remember the advice I gave you and that it helps you to this day. I wonder what your recent stuff looks like?
I'm still into art, too. I've got a mentor and I'm making a career of it. I'm also getting married soon-ish. Posted 12 days ago
8theGreat gave me props for my links
I saw your answer on that one drawing question and I just wanted to say that I was really really happy, 'cause I remember giving similar responses when you'd post pictures of your art. :')
Are you still into drawing?? I hope you are. Posted 12 days ago
8theGreat commented…
From your answer it sounds like you are. 12 days ago
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Thanks for the add back.

The Garnet UMBR3ON has spoken. Posted 12 days ago
XxKeithHarkinxX said about Random
highkey wish i could change my username but damn its iconic. Posted 12 days ago
CokeTheUmbreon commented…
I wish I could change mine. That should be a new feature. 12 days ago
ShadowFan100 commented…
The f**k? I thought you had vanished XD 12 days ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
Oh. Well pleased to meet you, I'm Mauser, fanpop's resident bitch/German military rifle 12 days ago
XxKeithHarkinxX said about Random
this.... this website is still a thing..????? Posted 13 days ago
CatsLover8 commented…
wtf you still come here xD welcome back 13 days ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
Ya bitch welcome aboard!!! 12 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
Yeah man...sort of. For better or for worse lol. 11 days ago
big smile
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Don't know if you're still here, but I hope you're doing okay. Posted 3 months ago
XxKeithHarkinxX said about Random
I've been on here for five years. This was my entire life when I was twelve. That's insane to think about Posted 10 months ago
deathding commented…
Technically, counting my first account WAY back, I've been here 5 years too. And yeah, it IS insane to think about. XD 10 months ago
8theGreat commented…
*awkwardly sits here from the tiny crowd of people who have been here for like 8 years* ... :I 10 months ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
Same. I've been here for 5 years too. I'm actually wondering about the people who were around here from the beginnings of Fanpop and still remaining. That's the most insane thing to think about !!!! 10 months ago