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I want you back

Opinion posted over a year ago
I translated this little song written by Natasja before she died. I decided to translate it because everything she says is true. If you want to listen to the real song later, then I have added a link later down at the page.

Ey Denmark, what happens to you?
I miss you, I want you back,
Like in the old days where a bitch was a bitch YO!
I want you back,
Like in the old days where a free bird was free,
and where they believed what they said.


Smokers get bad grades

Opinion posted over a year ago
A new study of pupils in Silkeborg shows that smokers not only die earlier. They also get worse grades.

Uglier teeth, worse conditioning, the bad economy and premature death.

There is enough of the things that speak against smoking, and now, a study of pupils in Silkeborg that smoking students also get lower grades ..

The students were smoking, according to Central Jutland Avis at the end of 8. class last year grades, which was 0.76 lower than non smokers.

USA - look at Denmark

Opinion posted over a year ago
Danish energy policy has been thought of highly in the world's leading magazines, The New York Times.

Thomas L. Friedman developments in Denmark and the United States since the oil crisis in 1973 and the comparison will have Thomas L. Friedman to stamp the U.S. energy policy as "pathetic".

"I wish we were as energismart as Denmark," says Friedman, whose articles are being delivered out in over 700 newspapers around the world.

"Return look to Denmark"

Georgia chapters - what you probably didn't know

Guide posted over a year ago
Georgia - History

GEORGIA'S LOCATION AT a major commercial crossroads and among several powerful neighbors has provided both advantages and disadvantages through some twenty-five centuries of history. Georgia is comprised of regions having distinctive traits. The ethnic, religious, and linguistic characteristics of the country as a unit coalesced to a greater degree than before under Russian rule in the nineteenth century. Then, beneath a veneer of centralized economic and political control imposed during seventy years of Soviet rule, Georgian cultural and social institutions...

BREAKING NEWS 8 AUGUST 2008 - New war between Russia and Georgia?

Opinion posted over a year ago
Russian troops on Georgian territory.
A genuine war between Georgia and Russia threatening after a day of hard fighting and reports of many deaths in the pro-Russian breakaway South Ossetia.

Georgia informs Friday evening that it withdraw 1000 troops home from Iraq to insert them in fighting against Russian forces and excite.

-- These are some of our best soldiers, said Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who also has convened army reservists for service.

At the same time, Russian news agencies reported that Russian soldiers and Georgian forces are in direct battle in South Ossetia...