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Cullen Instant Messaging: Chapter 5

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
This chapter features Achmed the Dead Terrorist!!!!! yay!

Edward: bella, my cat died

Bella: u don't have a cat...unless you mean...ALICE??!! alice is dead? omgomgoommmgggggggg

Edward: Noooo!!!!!!!!!

Bella: oh. cuz, like, i'd be all sad and stuff. ya know?

Edward: yes, i would be 2. alice is fine. jk, btw- (BEFORE HE FINISHES TEXTING)

Bella: u haven't texted in a while! alice is dead??!!!!

I don't have a title yet...HELP! (Pleasepleaseplease)

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
The little colored lights on their bodies are their chakras, BTW
Goodbye, old movie theatre. Goodbye old school. Goodbye house. Goodbye any memories I have of my parents. Goodbye, childhood, I thought sadly. I had been an illegally emancipated teenager until I was fifteen, when my Aunt Petunia and Uncle Mitch whisked me away from my beautiful California to New England. I said the name scornfully. They were taking me to their hometown, Lynnfield, Massachusetts. They’d lived there since they were kids. Apparently, I was supposed to care about the story of how they were “high school sweethearts.” Seriously. My parents died when I was twelve, and I was...

100 Places To Go During The Summer: Cullen Style! Chapter 2

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
For some, it's true...
100 Places To Go During The Summer: Cullen Style

Chapter 2: The Opera House

Emmett's POV

I am very excited!!! Jasper had the best idea!!! We're taking the girls to The Opera House! Edward didn't want to, but we forced him to. He's so weak...Ooops. He can hear my mind...

"Emmett," he growled sharply.

"Sorry, bro. No hard feelings...Right?," I said nervously.

"Ugghrggghhh, you are sooo very intellectually infected with dementia," Edward complained.

100 Places To Go During The Summer: Cullen Style! Chapter 1

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
100 Places To Go During The Summer: Cullen Style

Chapter 1: Disney World

Bella's POV

"Ughhhhghgghgh!!! I am soooooo bored," I complained to Alice and Rose. Suddenly, I heard Emmett coming up the stairs. It was whisper-quiet, but I heard it with my vampire ears. Alice, Rose, and I were all alone with Emmett. Esme and Carlisle were on Isle Esme for the summer, and Edward and Jasper were hunting.

"Hey guys! I had an idea for when Edward and Jasper get back," Emmett yelled in his deep voice.

Death. My new favorite word.

Opinion posted over a year ago

Day 1 of my diary
Dear Esmerelda (diary),
Death is my new favorite word. Closely followed by tragedy. I made a list of my new favorite words since "He Who I Can Not Name, Because He Broke My Heart" left. Oh, all right. His name is . . . John. Oh, I want to die! Anyway, here's the list:

1. Death

2. Tragedy

3. Suicide

4. Hate

5. Nothing

6. Night

7. Darkness