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allicat1234 said about Edward and Bella
i am team jacob cause hes hot but edward is a close second Posted over a year ago
renesmee is so beautiful. Posted over a year ago
u guys r awesome heros.i love that show Posted over a year ago
what happens 2 u when u have breast cancer?
Posted over a year ago
neaaw commented…
Most types of breast cancer are easy to diagnose by microscopic analysis of the biopsy. There are however, rarer types of breast cancer that require specialized lab exams. While screening techniques are useful in determining the possibility of cancer, a further testing is necessary to confirm whether a lump detected on screening is cancer, as opposed to a benign alternative such as a simple cyst. Very often the results of noninvasive examination, mammography and additional tests that are performed in special circumstances such as ultrasound or MR imaging are sufficient to warrant excisional biopsy as the definitive diagnostic and curative method. over a year ago
Perfidia commented…
my mum just never gave up fighting....she kept on working through the chemotherapies....and she survived! I still don't knoe how to thank the gods for saving her... over a year ago
hgfan5602 commented…
My awesome teacher is a cancer survivor. over a year ago
bearluv11 commented…
I love people who can stand up to breast canner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ENDS HERE!!!! over a year ago
allicat1234 said about Catching Fire
hi i haven't read this book yet and i kinda want to know who does katniss marry and have a baby with
Posted over a year ago
katnisseverden commented…
*spolar* she marries peeta and has a girl and a boy with him over a year ago
allicat1234 said about Among the Hidden
i kinda wish i was the third born but then i'd be the middle of a group of 5 Posted over a year ago
Spottedtail139 commented…
I am the third born over a year ago
allicat1234 said about Among the Hidden
i love these books i'm about to resad among the enemy Posted over a year ago
allicat1234 said about Dakota Fanning
happy birthday i hope u have fun and still look ass pretty as usual. Posted over a year ago
allicat1234 said about Nickelback
i love ur new song it rocks Posted over a year ago
allicat1234 said about Easy A
i know it 2this movie rocks Posted over a year ago