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I'm so pissed right now!(spoilers)

Opinion posted over a year ago
David Shore said in a freaking interview that cuddy is the only woman than House could have a relationship with!
That they should stop eventually dancing around eatch other!(if you want to see the interview go to the house post!I'm not putting my hands on this awful link!)
I mean WTF!
This is so unfair and wrong!
She's hes boss and he doesn't respect her!Imagine being her *gulp* girlfriend too?
Cuddy wants a bady and House is not exactly father material!

The anti-huddy song!

Article posted over a year ago
Disclaimer:Made for fun,not profit.I don't own anything of the characters and/or the show.

*music*La la la la la la*music*

Oh huddy huddy huddy huddy!
You are on for season 5
but then then then then
you will be lost forever of our sight!

Hameron will rule
like the first ship it is!
And you Oh darling you
you will be in a freaking co...
co... coffin!!!

*more mucic*Oh yea,yea,yea,yea

The big night! (wilteen)

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
This fan fiction is made for fun,not profit!I don't own anything of the characters nad or the show.

And also this fan fic is made for immunity!

Wilson and 13 had been dating for a while.He liked her company and she couldn't keep her eyes of him.She thought he was an eye-candy.And Wilson of course thought that she was hot as hell.They were doing it all the time.
This time at the restaurant while they were eating 13 played with her leg his inner parts.
Wilson got excited!Really excited.

A Wameron Poem!

Article posted over a year ago
Disclaimer:Made for fun,not profit.I don't own anything of the characters and/or the show.

Wilson is cute
and Cameron too!

They lost their loves
but they will come throught!

House was mean
and make them cry!

But they will love eatch other
and make him see the light!

Wilson will kiss
Cam on the lips!

And they will be
sweet as a strabery!

Cause they both want

Season 5 speculation and hopes!(super spoilery)

Opinion posted over a year ago
Season 4 ended up really bad for me you know with amber dying and stuff...
But now season 5 is starting to getting really interesting!
Wameron is a possibility and I am really excited because this is the ship that I love as much as I love Hameron!(And you know how much I love Hameron)
So Huddy is also,not only a possibility in this case.Huddy happening and so I am asking you a thing!
Is it so wrong for me to have wameron?I deserve it!
Wilber died,Hameron is not a posssibility and I don't like the other ships!(except Wilteen!But thats another discussion!A...