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American Idol

Don'y you guys think it's unfair that adam will lose 97 percent of his voters cuz he's gay?

26 answers | my answer: no i don't think it is fair that he may lose his vo...

I'm doing a project for school. about a fan club. whats the cost? what does this club offer (features)?... an do you like this club and y ?

6 answers | my answer: i love disney and what it is all about it is the be...

Okay I am not LGBT or anything. I just wanna say props to everyone here you should be really proud of being open about your sexuality. Good for you! I really admire people who don't hide who they are! Love is love!

6 answers | my answer: that is so nice of you

Hey what other bands r EMO?

17 answers | my answer: mcr and the used and three days grace

Don't you hate it when people say that all us emo people are just doing what we are doing to get attention? that we are just feeling sorry for ourselves, and if we hate everything so much that we should just go and kill ourselves? it's BULLSHIT!

7 answers | my answer: i know right maybe it is because of those people th...

Do you dream about your lover 24/7?

17 answers | my answer: hell yeah all the time when we are not together
Tupac Shakur

Do you like Lil Wayne?

13 answers | my answer: no
Twilight Series

If you could Marry one twilight charcter... Who would it be?

65 answers | my answer: jacob black btw fyi im his wife

Try to describe yourself in one sentence.

101 answers | my answer: funny and happy with love.

What's your favorite band/singer/group?

17 answers | my answer: Paramore kings of Leon Fall out boy and three days ...