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Give Me a Tight Hug chptr 2: Skilene goes cupid

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
"maybe because we're tied?" Silvia pointed sarcastically, she had a better humor than yesterday

"why, WHY!" Savio shouted, sad

both needed to do their average things- with the other one next to them! brush their teeth, eat, even go to the bathroom (dont ask how)

"hmm..." Skipper let out, he used his binoculars to see the both, they hadn't fought in the whole morning, but none had talked to the other, he was hid in the chamilion habitat, kowalski, rico, private, and marlene were there too, marlene, she had sneaked

Mrs Yellymertington! chp 2: she'll be yelly

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
next morning 10:00 am...

skipper woke up, feeling dizzy, strange and confused, he remembered last ninght, and then thought on what happened on brazil....

"wow, looks like someone doesn't feel really good" Private said sarcasticly as he let out a small grin which the other 3 penguins could not see

"sorry Skipper, but after what happened last night, we thought you shoud sleep more" kowalski pointed out

Skipper let out a large yawn and looked at them, then, he answered "don't worry actually, I was thinking on making this a free day!" he said,...

treasure hunt! chapter 3 the (somewhat) great escape! part 1

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
And again Popy was right, oscar had an image in the real end of the Ildred family, he was a baby, Oscar was speechless, he was seeing all his family for at least 12 generations, he never knew his parents, he was seeing them at thefamily tree, the suddently, the computer put out a camera from his image and shouted

"say cheese"

And a flash covered a somewhat happy face of oscar, the camera pulled away and his foto came to his normal position, this time, the foto was his actual one, none the baby.

treasure hunt! chapter 2: Ildred family

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
Popy was right, a luxurious black jet was right behind her, the jet was giantic, it could alberg all of te terrible trio family, oscar, roco and lucy together, it had a main cabin infront, the seat was giratorial, it could spin 360 grades, dozens of buttons covered the cabin, now that's what disturbet Popy's but!

"let's get i-" Oscar atempted to say, right before Popy started

"shut up, don't you see, this baby has the Popy mark everywhere, I knew it! my family has aristocracy, we are very rich! this is mine!" she shouted with a crasy smile as she was about to kiss...

treasure hunt! chapter 1 begining conflicts part 3

Fan fiction posted over a year ago
the next morning everyone still remembered the two animals who fell through the cannon, the terrible trio was now only a terrible duo, and lucy lost oscar.

the two bodies lied in the floor, no one dared to look at the cannon, only roco felt better with their death.

but they were wrong, at the afternoon in the downpart of the cannon, the high crater let out a bit of dirt, a movement made the earth timble, oscar woke up.

"ahhhhh! my... my stomach.... it hurts....a lot, but, but what do we have here?" he said looking at his face filled with pepper juice