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BLL FOTM with Rochelle

Opinion posted over a year ago

Dany's question: Favorite thing about life? The simple things like staying up all night watching scary movies or eating too much chocolate. I love most things about life and even accept some of the bad. Good friends and a supportive family make everything alright.

Brenda's question: Which of your favorite artist's lyrics do you think are the best? Hmm, I love so many lyrics, but my favourite band is Coldplay so I`ll go with some lyrics by them. From Swallowed In the Sea:

BLL FOTM with Dany

Opinion posted over a year ago
First of all I want to say sorry to everyone that this took so long, but Dany has been busy with school and then she sent me this and this was a super busy week for me so... But here it is and I hope everyone likes it

Ally's question: Why do you like Chophia so much? & Would you choose them over Brucas?

There are soo many reasons! I could spend my days and days saying why I love them so much. But I think, mostly because I see on them (& BL, of course)something I never saw in my life. I see love. They made me believe in Love, the one thing...

BLL FOTM with Jess

Guide posted over a year ago
Casey's question: How many times have you watched the 82 letters scene?
Why are you asking me this hun? I don't know! ALOT of times, but I have to say mostly because of my videos, so I can see what part I can use & stuff.I love this scene very much, but the BL scene I watched the most is definitly the BL scene from 2x23 'I wanna be with you.' My favorite by far!

Brenda's question: If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Can I choose maybe 5 celebrities? :P OFC I'm going to pick James Lafferty , my #1 crush since 6 or...

FOTM interview with KathyHalliwell for October [1º to be made]

Opinion posted over a year ago
I'm honour to have made the first FOTM interview on the Jasper&Alice spot, especially with KathyHalliwell! Thanks everyone who nominated and voted for this to become a reality!:)

So... I want to start by asking you:
When and why did you start to love Jasper and Alice?

It was in New Moon, when I first noticed them as a couple. Before that it was all about Edward & Bella for me and I couldn’t care less about the other Cullen couples. NM however changed that. Alice and Jasper’s phone call changed that, to be exact. Since I’ve never...

Untitled for now...

Article posted over a year ago
Dedicated to Amy, on her birthday! Because she's an idiot... she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes everything better ♥ILY, BF♥ Across the universe!

She ran, far away and as fast as she could! She ran away from all the pain and sorrow, from all the people in her life, from everything she ever knew! But we can never run from everything... eventually it catch us!

That day everything changed! It started like a normal day, just another boring rainy day.