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Article posted 28 days ago
Zootopia So, since I have [b]created this club[b], I haven't been able to make a banner, so I am hosting a BANNER CONTEST (as the title says). The winner will be hand picked by Fans, and I will submit them in the "Answers" Poll. Winner will also be credited in the club's Motto! =]

I would greatly appreciate it if we can get as many people to enter as possible! I've never hosted anything like this before!

[b] The contest will end by January 31st, if no entries, I will have to make this on my own!!! HAHA! [b]

My Rights.

Article posted over a year ago
Gay Rights I have been judged for as long as I can remember for my sexuallity by people. My family supports me because my Uncle is gay, and so is my cousin! As well my Mom supports me, my Grandma, and and so much more, even some of my friends!

I am writing this to let people know that if you are ever judged for who you are, you are not alone. People judge me all the time, and even to this day send me emails, Facebook messages, and text telling me to "drop dead" because I am a gay man.

Michael Oh Michael.

Article posted over a year ago
Michael Jackson Dear Michael Jackson

I know you aren't here with us now, and heaven took you to soon. If only you could read this, I want you to know that we your fans will never forget you or your amazing legacy. I continue to play your music in my car, and when I am at home at times. You run across my mind everyday, and not a day goes by that I don't think about you or your amazing legacy. Your music pulls me out of my darkest hours, and brightens them, and I am so blessed I met so many people here at the Michael Jackson Fanpop Club. I am writing from my heart, and I just want you to know...

Bad Blood

Review posted over a year ago
Blood on The Dance Floor As you all may know, BOTDF has been hanging on strong for about 7-8 years now! It's amazing to see how they evolved and changed so much in their music, It's really hard to believe that they just started with a small group on Myspace (which I remember so well)...Sadly let's fast forward all the old stuff to the new upcoming album "Bad Blood"...This album is suppose to have that EPIC feel (as many say) but the Band says - "It will will have both old and new BOTDF mixed together". They now have 2 singles released from Bad Blood "I Refuse To Sink (Fuck The Fame)", and there one released March 31st...

Tony and Nierah PT4 Afterwards

Article posted over a year ago
Alpha and Omega I know its been a while figured id start on this try to finish this story sory for this not being hear for such a long time.

Tony is back at his cave wear he would normally be. Waiting for his son Garth to come home so he can explain what he saw. the word "allways" streamed through his head like crazy. He slowly began to walk up to the cave. Gazing as he watches his pack work, play and do what ever.

Tony: Garth....wear are you (hanging his head slowly)

Winston begins to walk up the side hill to the cave as he trots over and sits down beside tony and looks...