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Harry Potter

Do you know any Harry Potter fan anywhere in the world who is an ardent supporter of the "pure-bloods only paradigm? Is there any fan club/organization in the world who is fully in support of and advocate the "pure-bloods only" system of belief?

4 answers | my answer: I hope not!!

Which do guys prefer? Blondes or brunettes...

11 answers | my answer: Brunettes, of course! ♥

Rate your favourite artist.

14 answers | my answer: One Direction= 10+ in all catagories ;)

What's your Patronus?

23 answers | my answer: One Direction ♥
One Direction

Is Harry Styles REALLY leaving One Direction?

61 answers | my answer: NEVER! EVER! BELIEVE! THAT! Harry will always stay ...
One Direction

Do you say One Direction everyday? at least once?

13 answers | my answer: I say One Direction, or 1D, or something about the ...
The House of Anubis

Littel help please...

2 answers | my answer: Go on There you can find full ...