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barbieboonchit said about Barbie Movies
So Festival of Fun it's the upcoming project of Barbie Drematopia that the news said years ago?
Due to they just post the new teaser of the show (which i thought the show was stopped cuz they didn't post it in recent month ) ,so it made me think like that
what's you guys think? Posted 1 day ago
nmdis commented…
Actually I haven't watched any Dreamtopia episode as I wasn't really interested I'd have loved it if they made Fairytopia a series or maybe PCS? These kind of films could go incredibly well in series and interest teen girls but I don't think the same about Dreamtopia. 19 hours ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
^Agreed. Dreamtopia is more like to be marketed for preschool little girls. 3 hours ago
I heard Monan not gonna join in the DP franchise Posted 23 days ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
That is already being a rumor from a few months ago... 23 days ago
JaDangerz commented…
That was months ago, so that was just a rumor 22 days ago
barbieboonchit said about Barbie Movies
So what's the next Barbie movies?
Why they still don't reveal it yet? Posted 2 months ago
Sythia commented…
I wonder the same and hope there'll be a next BM. 2 months ago
MelodyLaurel commented…
We just don't know. I'm hoping that the only reason we don't have any news of the next movie yet is because Video Game Hero was released earlier than the other Spring movies (which are almost always released in February or March), and not because Mattel has decided to discontinue the movies or anything, because that would be a real shame. 2 months ago
nmdis commented…
^I don't think so haven't heard any news yet about it but I hope they take a pause for good and revive BM better, I'd rather wait for a good BM than getting anything next. I hope they work well for upcoming one whatever theme it'd be. 2 months ago