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5 reasions EDWARD CULLEN is HOT

List posted over a year ago
ok people we all know edward is hot.but do you know why ok here it is!!!!!

1.edward is beyound pretty

2.he can run faster then his famly

3.he sparkals in the sun

4.he is strong.(who dose not like strong boys!)

5.he is a bad boy

ok all of you can wright comments on what i missed. i won't make a fuss about it k. but you all agrey with me wright.i know some of you are team jake,emmet,jasper,carlisle or somthinglike that k :D

moon light

Opinion posted over a year ago
it was terrifying when i got the furst smell of her. the thoughts just could not be stopped the thought of loring her trapping her drinking her blood. Her smell was just so over powering it was so hard not to jump up and attic her drink her blood.
when class was over i just had to get out of there. when i got out of the class. after school i went to the office to get my scaggual changed she was there in the office the thoughts came back "never mind then" i said "i can see that it is impassable then" i'll just suffer then.

mid-night moon

Opinion posted over a year ago
before i met her my ife was likea night that never lightined night with no moon only stares and then when she came across the sky it was like everhing was on fire.i couled seethe trees on fire.she was like a comet shooting across the sky like the moon i never had or saw.but when i left to try to pertecter i ended up hurting her and my salf.the night i left it was so hard to say what i needed to say.when i left after saying what i needed to say felt like i was going to die.when i was saying the words i could see it in her eyes that she truly beleved it.she said "plese don't go." i...