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Mac-kenzie gave me props for my images
. Posted 8 months ago
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freeloveprop!! Posted 8 months ago
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Hi! How are you? Posted 10 months ago
blossomyumyum commented…
Good, actually. Mesage me if you want to talk, kk? 10 months ago
Roya-J commented…
ok ;) 10 months ago
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Hey what's up? I just added you & was hoping you would join my sisters clubs?
If you like them, let me know. She has clubs for Twilight, K-Stew, Rob-Patz, etc. I'm Bella, I hope we can be friends. If you do join, write "joined" on the clubs walls & I'll give you a prop for each one you join. Posted 10 months ago
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ha ha, im feelin horny already ;) wow, we both posted one direction songs to each other, i never even saw your post when i sent that message, hmm...coincidence, aw, it's a deal babe and doesn't matter what happens to me, please don't ever hurt yourself, im not worth me, you're worth it, you should live Posted 10 months ago
blossomyumyum commented…
So should you. God I sound like an overprotective mother.. 10 months ago
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hello...................=) Posted 11 months ago
sweeteyes commented…
hi 10 months ago
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I’ll catch you when you fall
Pick you up when you’re down
Hold your hand when you are lost
Turn your frown around

I’ll wipe away your tears
Share in your joy too
You’ve done these things for me
And I’ll always be here
To do the same for you Posted over a year ago
blossomyumyum commented…
Thank you for catching me<3 I've always wanted to be catched 11 months ago
blossomyumyum commented…
Wellll... my baby brother always catches me as I fall into his arms.. so yeah 11 months ago
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How are you doing? Posted over a year ago
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Friendship is like a gold : it's precious
Friendship is like a light : you can turn it on
Friendship is like a gift : it gives pleasure
Friendship is like a scent : you smell it
Friendship is like music : you listen to it
Friendship is like food : you must not waste it
Friendship is like home : it helps to live
Friendship is like a person : it's priceless
Friendship is like you and me : Hand in hand... ❤ Posted over a year ago
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Lelouch_heart gave me props for my images
✜✚.ⒽⒶⓟⓟⓎ.✚.ⒺⒶⓈⓉⒺⓇ.✚ Posted over a year ago