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Why are wolves in Alaska allowed to be shot at!?!?

10 answers | my answer: becaus the sum of wolves and they are stupid XD

why is it always that when wolves are taken off the endangered list they go right back on it?

14 answers | my answer: becaus the pepols of ta world hate u'm

if u see a wolf in the street what do u do ???

30 answers | my answer: if it was hurt i wood save it's life if it wasnt i ...

How Much Do You Like This Wolf???? 1-10

35 answers | my answer: ALOT!

okay so i went on google and looked up the brush and look what i found it is gruesome and horrific

6 answers | my answer: F---THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have jsut herd on tv that wolves are going to be taken of the endanged list and can agein be hunted wat do u think.

12 answers | my answer: I WOOD KILL EM'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever seen a wolf in the wild?

4 answers | my answer: nope,
Littlest Pet Shop

Witch is cuter a lps monkey or a lps panda????!!!!!

3 answers | my answer: panda
Littlest Pet Shop

which is the best way to costomize my pets??????????????????????????????????????????????

6 answers | my answer: look go on to youtube seach: how to costom lps
Littlest Pet Shop

which is cuter the bulldog or lizard?

6 answers | my answer: lizard