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bubbles145 said about Castle
was i the only one who noticed in some of the shots with Kate hanging off the building, there was a balcony right underneath her?? Posted over a year ago
callianltm commented…
yup but just at the left, not really underneath;) over a year ago
bubbles145 commented…
either way, that could have saved her :P over a year ago
bubbles145 said about Castle
watching The Limey... worst accent from an aussie actor ever!
i know he's aussie, coz he was from a aussie soap... Posted over a year ago
OliveTheAbove21 commented…
i know, right? he barely even tried. over a year ago
Extraordinary96 commented…
i totally agree over a year ago
bubbles145 said about Bones
omg cute baby much!! Posted over a year ago
bubbles145 commented…
but i dont know about you, i wanna see more passion between booth and bones over a year ago
CZGIronMan commented…
And there will be probably in the next episode by the looks of it xD over a year ago